Gunder Pak: A Scrumptious Way To Enjoy Winters

Gunder pak, also known as "gond pak," is a nutritious and traditional Gujarati dish made of gond, wheat flour, dry fruits, coconut, ghee, and jaggery. Cardamom, ganthoda, and dried ginger powder are used to flavour it. This well-known Gujarati dish is made especially in the winter to provide people with energy, warmth, and relief from the discomfort that they need during cold days. It is simple to make and only needs a few ingredients. It takes around 15 minutes to prepare this delicious treat. Try it out! 


170 g gond (1 bowl) 

120 g wheat flour ( 1 bowl) 

170 g jaggery (1 bowl) 

250 g (2 bowl) melted ghee 

½ cup desiccated coconut 

½ cup or 100 g badam and kaju as per your taste 

½ tsp dry ginger powder 

½ tsp gantola powder 

½ tsp cardamom powder 


Add gond to a mixing jar and powder it to a fine consistency. Now add the coconut to a pan and dry roast it over a low heat. Takeout is placed on the plate and set away. After that, add dry fruits and 1 teaspoon ghee to a pan. Roast over a low flame until it begins to become somewhat crunchy. Place the roasted dry fruits on a platter and let them cool a little. After that, add it to a mixing jar and grind it into a granular powder. Ghee and wheat flour can now be added to a pan. Until the flour changes colour and becomes fragrant, roast on a low flame. Next, reduce the flame and gently add gond. Mix thoroughly until the gond is fully cooked and puffy. As soon as you add the dry coconut, coarsely ground dry fruit powder, ginger powder, ganthola powder, and cardamom powder, turn off the gas. Be sure to thoroughly combine. After that, turn off the gas, add the jaggery, and thoroughly combine. Let the pak mixture cool before placing it in the greased thali. Serve it after cutting it into pieces. 

Gondergond  pak is typically taken in the winter and is prized for its distinct health advantages in addition to their aromatic flavour. Gond pak, which are desserts prepared with edible gum, have numerous health advantages, from assisting new mothers throughout their nursing time to assisting one in fending off the winter chill. The easiest way to describe gond is as a naturally occurring resin that has no taste or smell and is soluble in water.