‘Gulab Jamun Chaat’ Is The New Weird Food Combo To Disappoint Netizens

It's been a long time since we are dealing with all the cringe-worthy and weird food trends that are making the rounds on the internet every day. And it's probably fair to think that we have now gotten used to most of them and also have an understanding of what may lay ahead in terms of bizarre food. However, this recent food trend will make you question your perspective a bit, as it involves two of India’s favourite foods that you won’t even think of combining together in your dreams. Still can’t guess? Well, let us help you.

No matter what season of the year it is, we Indians cannot celebrate our special occasions without relishing sweets, and gulab jamun is one such sweet with a huge fan base. The soft and spongy gulab jamun balls dunked in the sugar syrup are enough to turn any sweet lover’s day around. But what if we tell you that this favourite sweetmeat has been turned into a savoury and tangy street snack? Sounds scary enough, right? Well, this has truly happened and the foodies are disappointed for sure. Take a look yourself:

Food blogger Ishan Sharma recently took to his Instagram handle to post about a street vendor selling ‘gulab jamun chaat’. The vendor first takes four gulab jamuns on a plate, tops them with curd, meethi and teekhi chutney along with papdi, sev and pomegranate seeds as toppings. This weird food combination has disappointed netizens and the comments section of this post is the proof.