Gujiya-Guess-Who To Thandai Roulette, These Holi Games Are Fun!
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YOUR Holi party is just about winding down, with plenty of gulal having made it onto every single exposed surface in your vicinity (and even the crevices of some unexposed ones!). Your guests have danced their hearts out to the most dhinchak of tunes, and are now lolling about the living room, not ready to end the festivities but hoping for a more sedate form of revelry. What do you do? Bring out these Holi party games and prop up any festive spirits in danger of fizzling out!

1. Thandai Pong

Concept: This game combines the aim and skill of Beer Pong with the refreshing taste of Thandai.

Materials: A long table, Thandai-filled cups, ping pong balls.

Players: 2 teams, 2-4 players each.


- Arrange cups in a triangle at each end of the table.

- Teams take turns trying to throw ping pong balls into the opponents' Thandai cups.

- If a ball lands in a cup, the opposing team drinks it.

- First team to clear the opponent's cups wins.

- For a unique twist, incorporate Holi hues by using different coloured ping pong balls for varied effects (eg. a pink ball could mean the opposing team drinks two cups).

2. Holi Darts of Fortune

Concept: A dart game with a twist, using Holi colours to decide the fate of your drink.

Materials: Dartboard with colours corresponding to Holi, darts, drinks (Thandai, Bhang, and mocktails).

Players: 2-6 players.


- Each colour on the dartboard corresponds to a drink or a dare.

- Players take turns throwing darts.

- Land on a colour, and you drink the corresponding drink or perform the dare.

- For extra fun, use a spinning wheel to select a random player for a surprise round.

3. Gujiya Guess Who

Concept: A trivia game with Gujiya as the prize.

Materials: A bowl of Gujiya, trivia questions related to Holi and its traditions.

Players: Any number of players.


- Players sit in a circle with a bowl of Gujiya in the middle.

- Take turns answering trivia questions about Holi.

- A correct answer allows the player to eat a Gujiya or give it to another player.

- To add a twist, include funny personal questions to make it more interactive.

4. Bhang Roulette

Concept: A roulette game with a variety of drinks including Bhang.

Materials: A roulette wheel with numbers, various drinks including Bhang, Thandai, and non-alcoholic options.

Players: 2-8 players.


- Each number on the wheel corresponds to a drink.

- Players take turns spinning the wheel and drink whatever it lands on.

- Special Rule: If someone lands on a designated marker, they choose someone to perform a Holi dare.

5. Colour Splash Trivia

Concept: A trivia game where correct answers allow you to splash colours on opponents.

Materials: Holi colours (powders), trivia questions related to general knowledge or Holi, protective eyewear.

Players: 4-10 players.


- Players take turns answering questions.

- A correct answer gives you a handful of colour to splash on others.

- Incorrect answers mean you get splashed.

- The game ends when you run out of colours.

Pro Tips

Curate a Holi-themed playlist to keep the energy high and the spirits joyful.

Provide tips for playing safely, especially when Bhang is involved, and recommend using organic, skin-friendly Holi colours.

Happy Holi!