Guests At Ram Mandir Inauguration To Be Served ‘Sattvik’ Food

The Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust has been making preparations to serve the guests attending the temple consecration ceremony a menu of ‘sattvik’ dishes. Aside from the legume and millet-based dishes that have been planned for the special day, delicacies like thepla, matar kachori and almond barfi have been added to the menu that is all set to be served on the temple premises.

Besides the meal distribution, the Trust has also collaborated with Gujarat-based Bharti Garvi Gujarat and Sant Seva Sansthan to prepare about 5000 kgs of mahaprasad. Overseen by the Trust officials, a team of 200 people will be guided to make sweets using ingredients like desi ghee, gram flour, five kinds of dry fruits and sugar. The mahaprasad kit – which contains two ladoos, Akshat or holy rice, water from the Sarayu river, betel nut bag and kalava, has been curated as per traditions of the Sanatani sect.

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The 20,000 packets of mahaprasad that have been prepared so far, arrived at the Trust yesterday and are set to be distributed with no readymade ingredients used in the process. A separate set of 15,000 boxes of prasad that has also been planned to be given out to invitees for the inaugural ceremony, which contains delicaces like two mava ladoos, gud revri, ramdana chikki, Akshat-roli, tulsi diya and cardamom seeds. The order for the saffron-coloured box was undertaken by Lucknow-based sweet shop, Chhapan Bhog, which refused to derive financial benefits of any kind, upon learning of the landmark day the boxes will be used for.