Gucchi: Story Of The Most Expensive Mushroom Of India

How many of you just love mushrooms? They are my favourite, and I can gobble them up any time. A delicious treat, it is equally beneficial for your health. Today, we'll tell you about the most expensive mushroom globally - ‘gucchi’. This mushroom is rich in numerous medicinal properties. Its scientific name is ‘markula esculenta’. This mushroom is also known as ‘sponge mushroom’ and is unmatchable in taste. Gucchi mushroom is found naturally in the forests of various districts of Himachal Pradesh, including Chamba, Kullu, Shimla and Manali.

Price of gucchi

This mushroom is precious as it sells for up to ₹30,000 per kg in the markets. Do you know why? Because they are found only in high mountainous areas. Moreover, this is why prominent companies and hotels buy this expensive and rare vegetable at such a whopping cost. It grows only when the snow thaws on the mountains and is produced by lightning strikes. Do you know that in search of this precious mushroom, many villagers come to the forests of Shimla and the surrounding hilly areas? Finding this mushroom is not an easy task, as it requires sharp eyesight and a lot of hard work. So, several villagers of these areas start looking for guchhi in the morning, eagerly waiting for its season.

Gucchi’s miraculous properties

Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D and some essential amino acids are found in this mushroom. Do you know the consumption of gucchi can help reduce the chances of having a heart attack? It also has an enormous quantity of protein, due to which this mushroom is in great demand in countries like Europe, America, France, Italy, Switzerland and India.

Gucchi season

Let us tell you that this mushroom is found naturally from February to March and is used to treat many diseases. Many restaurants also prepare their unique gucchi dishes for guests.