Guava Leaf Tea: An Herbaceous Drink to Add to Your Diet
Image Credit: Instagram/hoppingontoes

Guava leaf tea is a popular beverage that is primarily consumed for its health benefits rather than its flavour. Those who follow nutrition trends have certainly heard of it. Although guava leaf originates from the same plant as guava fruit, the flavour of the tea is not at all similar to the sweet, pink delicacy. This doesn't imply that tea is unpleasant. It's a light-bodied, herbaceous beverage that goes well with honey, peppermint, fruits, and other flavours. Guava leaf tea is the most popular due to its high vitamin C content and antioxidant qualities.

Most of the time, guava leaf tea is merely water, but the flavour, colour, and health benefits are all entirely derived from the plant. The guava plant also bears the same-named, sweet fruit, but the leaves don't taste anything like it. Guava trees are currently grown in Florida, Hawaii, Southern California, China, and India; however, the plant is originally from southern Mexico and Central America.

In various cultures, particularly in India, China, and Japan, guava leaf tea has been used as a complementary medicine. The primary applications are the treatment of diarrhoea, control of blood sugar, weight loss, promotion of a healthy pregnancy, and antioxidant activity. Although it hasn't been conclusively shown that guava leaf tea aids in these conditions, the claims may have some merit considering the beverage's lengthy history as a health drink. At the very least, drinking a cup of guava leaf tea every day is not harmful.

The following are the benefits of guava leaf tea:

Boosts Immunity

Vitamin C is abundant in guavas and guava leaves, and a lack of it has been linked to numerous infections and diseases. Also, its antibacterial capabilities help treat any infection while fending off harmful germs and viruses in the body. As vitamin C is easily excreted from the body, it's important to ingest adequate amounts of it through food and healthy home remedies.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Guava leaves provide a fair amount of potassium, and the entire fruit is loaded with fibre, both of which help lower elevated blood sugar levels. Fibre monitors digestion and makes sure it doesn't enter the bloodstream unintentionally.

To see noticeable improvements, sip on guava leaf tea frequently. To ensure your health is safe and sound, watch your intake.

Treats Diarrhoea

Researchers have examined the historical usage of guava leaf tea as an anti-diarrhoea remedy and found strong support for it. In particular, laboratory investigations have found that guava leaf tea helps infection-related diarrhoea clear up more quickly.

When should you drink guava leaf tea?

Drinking guava leaf tea is a fantastic idea at any time of day. It can be a pleasant cup in the morning or an afternoon drink because it contains no caffeine and has no negative side effects. You can sip this tea hot or cold. It's not much different from drinking a glass of water because it doesn't have a strong flavour.