If cheese is a topic you lack knowledge about, here is a quick piece of advice: buy gruyere. Yes, there are so many cheese on the market but gruyere is one of the most versatile cheese you’ll ever get your hands on. Now, you may wonder, why is that? 

A Swiss cheese named after the town of Gruyeres, this cheese is long-aged yellow cheese made from cow’s milk. Since it is longed aged, it takes nearly six months of curing before it is sold on the market. Rich and nutty, greyer has a characteristic nutty flavour with a rich and creamy texture. Being a Swiss cheese, gruyere has small holes in its body; the gas that is produced by the bacteria gets packed into the cheese to make these holes. 

The Fondue Cheese

If you want to enjoy fondue, gruyere is the cheese go with it. Its flavours are well-balanced, so when you dunk your bread or veggies into the cheese the taste will not be overpowering. 

The Table Cheese

Table cheese is the kind of cheese that can just be cut into bites or slices and enjoy. Gruyere is a wonderful table cheese. It absolutely has a permanent place on a charcuterie board. 

The Melting Cheese 

Gruyere is some of the best melting cheese in the market. It gives creamy when melted. You can add a slice of this to a sandwich or use it to make some macaroni and cheese. Gruyere is “the cheese” to buy if you are a lover of melty cheese sandwiches with elaborate cheese pulls. 

How to buy Gruyere?

Gruyere is available all year round and a piece is cut from a 35kg wheel. Good quality gruyere will have an AOP label. But there are other varieties sold that have a spicier profile but they are much rarer.