Grilling Tonight? Try These Tricks For Perfectly Grilled Chicken
Image Credit: Can you grill it right?

While I’m a huge fan of crispy, deep-fried chicken, there are times when I feel like keeping it light and simple. On such days, grilling comes to mind and I instantly start craving juicy grilled chicken. At home, we have a ritual of enjoying a grilled dinner on Friday evenings at my terrace. Since the weather is pleasant, grilled chicken can be a great idea. In fact, you can also grill some baby corn, bell peppers and tomatoes on the side. The smoky flavours of the grill lend the meat and veggies a distinct taste which is perfect for the taste buds. 

If you are into grilling, there may have been times when you would have over-grilled or burnt food but if it keeps happening constantly then it ruins the taste of the dish. To keep the chicken soft and juicy, there are several tips and tricks that can be followed. For instance, I’ve noticed that when my father does take charge of the grill, he keeps flipping it every now and then to make sure that it doesn’t get burnt from one side. 

Such methods can be helpful in making the perfect grilled chicken. If you wish to make one too, here are some quick hacks to save the day. 

1.  Use Boneless Chicken 

Now, using the right kind of chicken is very important. While bone-in pieces are preferred by many, the boneless pieces cook well on a grill. Not just that, they also take less time to cook than the bone-in chicken breasts and thighs. 

2.  Pound The Chicken 

This technique helps to flatten out the chicken pieces from the edges where it is thicker. This ensures that it gets cooked quickly and evenly. Pounding the chicken can actually help is cooking the flesh from all ends properly.

3.  Pre-Prep The Grill

Firstly, keep your grill clean and dry before the grilling session. You can add charcoal to make sure there is sufficient fuel. A little trick here is to rub oil on the grates so that the chicken doesn’t end up sticking to the rods while grilling. The heat should also be controlled, set to a medium temperature because a high-flame or direct heat is going to put the chicken on the burning mode. 

4.  Lid On The Grill 

It is important to place the lid on the grill while the chicken is cooking. This avoids fuel getting wasted as well as speeds up the cooking process. After 15 minutes, you can uncover to check the status of the chicken. 

5.  Slather The Sauce In The End 

Basting, as it is called in culinary terms, means coating a sauce on the meat. In case of grilled chicken, you should not coat the sauce in the beginning before grilling as that will end up burning the sauce itself. Instead, you should simply start the process of basting 10 minutes before the chicken is about to be grilled completely. 

Keep some sauce to pour over it after it is transferred to a plate.