BEWARE! These 5 Grilling Mistakes Can Spoil The Chicken's Taste
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One of the most prominent methods of cooking is grilling. It's quite an art, and if appropriately done, grilling gives a smoky flavour to food. Although you may have grilled your food many times, grilling chicken is tough. Non-vegetarians can understand this very well as you never get the restaurant-style flavour while grilling chicken at home. Have you also seen several videos on the internet but still can't find where you are going wrong? Then you must read this piece as today we tell you about some such errors, which we often repeat while grilling chicken.

High heat

It is a myth that grilling meat requires high heat. Instead, grilling the flesh on high heat doesn't give the appropriate taste to it. Medium-high heat is the ideal temperature to cook meats, around 350 degrees thoroughly. However, beware as a higher temperature than this can even spoil your dish.

Dirty grill

Before cooking food on the grill, you must clean it thoroughly while also cleaning the rust. It's best to clean the grill with the help of a bristle-free brush or a nylon cloth. If you don't have either, then crush aluminium foil into smaller pieces and use it with the help of kitchen tongs.

Pouring sauce too quickly

The sauce you use while grilling chicken has high sugar content. So adding sauce to the chicken early while grilling can cause the crust to caramelize. Hence, it will be difficult for you to determine whether the chicken is cooked evenly or not.

Meat thermometer

If you think using a meat thermometer is too fancy or tiring, then let us tell you that it's an intelligent way for grilling. Hence, to properly grill a chicken, the ideal temperature should be 165ºF, which can only be checked with a thermometer.

Grilling time

Grilling time for chicken depends on the cut size of the meat. For example, grilling a chicken breast will require more time than other parts. Therefore, taking the same amount each time while grilling will not cook your chicken thoroughly.

After reading this article, we hope it will be easy for you to try the restaurant-style grilled chicken at home. To read other similar articles, please stay connected with Slurrp.