‘Green Chilli Rasmalai’ Is The Latest Bizarre Food Trend; Netizens Are Confused
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

You spell ‘love’ and we hear ‘mithai’- yes, that’s how inseparable Indian food lovers are from the huge array of decadent desserts and sweetmeats that this country is synonymous with. From the ubiquitous kheer to the chashni-dipped rasgullas, Indian cuisine is filled with a variety of delectable sweet treats. Indian cuisine has sweetmeats that are a combination of two or more delicious goodies like rasmalai. Now that we have mentioned rasmalai, we know your mind has travelled straight into the rabri-dipped delicious and spongy delight. But we don’t blame you. After all, who can stop thinking about something so irresistibly delicious like rasmalai? 

This dessert has managed to woo even food cynics for a long time now and its popularity proves it all. However, we can’t trust the vendors and internet food bloggers with our favourite foods anymore, especially with all the bizarre food trends that are taking social media by storm. If you are already guessing what’s coming ahead, your fears might sadly come true. In the name of culinary experiments, a sweet vendor is seen selling green chilli rasmalai and the netizens are surely displeased. Take a look:

In this video, uploaded by the Instagram food blogger with the username @livefor_foood, we can see a sweet shop selling green chilli rasmalai. The caption for the clip read, “When fusion khana goes out of hand 😂”. The video has taken the internet by storm and netizens are surely disappointed with this fusion dish. It has gathered around 629k views, 10k likes and hundreds of comments from annoyed netizens. Take a look at some of the comments: