Got Leftover Rotis? Make Chef Saloni Kukreja's Seyal Phulka

Tired of eating leftover rotis for breakfast? Why not use them to make something fun? Chef Saloni Kukreja recently shared a Mother’s Day special recipe on her Instagram which shows a creative and scrumptious way of using up day-old rotis to make something filling and savoury! The chef made a delicious Seyal Phulka which is essentially cut up rotis in a garlic tomato curry. It’s even referred to as a Sindhi-style pasta owing to its unique recipe. 

The gravy is infused with a medley of spices like cumin seeds, turmeric, chili powder, and sometimes garam masala, which imparts a depth of flavour that perfectly complements the simple chapatis. “If you have leftover rotis at home and don’t know what to do with it, this recipe is for you! My mom loves Seyal Phulka for all the right reasons, it’s a perfect blend of spices and roti, it's comforting and best of all comes together very quickly so don’t have to worry about the prep time,” Saloni shared.

Instead of fresh tomato puree, you can also get a canned one. Before cooking up the rotis, make sure they are microwaved for 1 minute or heated in a tawa so they are crispy enough. Remember cut-up rotis are only added to the gravy once it reaches the right consistency, so it allows them to soak up the flavors of the gravy and soften slightly. This process also infuses them with the rich and savoury essence of the gravy. Let’s have a look at the recipe for this delicious snack!


Old Roti - 5 nos

Garlic - 3 Cloves

Ginger - 1/2 Inch

Mustard Seeds - 1/2 Tsp

Ghee - 1/2 Tbsp

Oil - 1/2 Tbsp

Green Chillies - 2 nos

Tomatoes - 2 nos (Purée)

Salt - to taste

Chilli Pwd - 1/2 Tsp

Coriander Pwd - 1/2 Tsp

Haldi Pwd - 1/4th Tsp

Water - 1/2 - 3/4th Cup

Lime Juice & Coriander Leaves - Garnish

Sev - Garnish


Heat up some oil & ghee in a saucepan - add in the mustard seeds, ginger, garlic, green chillies & curry leaves

Once the curry leaves & mustard seeds crackle, add in the tomato purée - give it a stir & cook it until the oil starts to float

Meanwhile, take day old chapati/ rotis, stack them up & cut them into squares

Once the tomatoes have cooked for a few minutes, add in salt to taste along with red chilly powder, coriander powder & haldi powder - give it a mix

Add in the water, allow the gravy to come to a boil before adding in the roti pieces - give it a quick stir & let it cook for 2-3 minutes

Finally, finish with some coriander leaves & lime juice

Serve hot, garnish with some lime juice, coriander leaves & sev