Got Leftover Rotis? Chop Them Up To Make These Delish Chapati Noodles For Dinner
Image Credit: | Got Leftover Rotis? Chop Them Up To Make These Delish Chapati Noodles For Dinner

We have a soft spot for noodles. There we said it. Flat or fine, boiled or fried, noodles of all kinds from all around the world have such an appeal about them, that we cannot help but be drawn towards them. If you have grown up in Asia, you are no stranger to the phenomenon of noodles. Even in India, ‘Desi Chinese’ seem to rule the streets. You know what we are talking about, how we love to give our own hot tadka to refined-flour-based noodles and call it ‘Hakka’, ‘Singapori’ and what not. The lengths we go to make our noodles enticing and palatable truly merits a chronicle. Beyond the usual suspects of soy sauce, chillies and vinegar, these noodles can comprise chicken, pork,  mutton, fish, soy nuggets and a number of seasonings and sauces, but have you ever spotted your dear chapati in there?  

That’s right, with this recipe, you can save yourself a trip to the market and make noodles using leftover chapatis. It is often painful to toss out the leftover chapatis, especially if you have grown up in an Indian household, where wasting food is basically blasphemy. Thankfully, there are many ways you can repurpose these chapatis. You can use it to make some yummy wraps and rolls, or you can cut them in slender strips and toss them with veggies and sauces to make these yummy chapati noodles.

This novel and fun recipe is sure to be a hit among both kids and adults alike. You can pack it for lunch, or have it as an evening snack, or simply whip some up for dinner. All you simply need are some left-over chapatis from the day, you can also use the ones from night before if they have been stored properly.  

Tips To Keep In Mind:  

Cut the chapati into long slender bits. Do the same with the vegetables too. Finer cuts, make for a crunchier fare. After all the cutting and chopping is done, proceed towards making a paste of garlic, red chillies and salt. Heat up the kadhai with oil, and add the ground masala. Then add the onions and beans and saute until onions are golden in colour.  

Next, add the carrots. This is optional. Proceed towards adding cabbage, and sautee for 2-3 minutes on high flame. Add capsicum and continue sauteing for 2-3 minutes. Do not overcook the veggies as they may get burnt and you want them fresh and crunchy. Add chapati bits and saute well for about 6 mins. Garnish with spring onions and serve hot.  

Here is the complete recipe. Try it soon and let us know if you liked it. Do not forget to share the pictures with us.