Got Leftover Rice? Here Are 7 Recipes That Can Be Made Out Of It
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When juggling with the busy schedule of daily lives, people hardly get time to prepare their food. They look out for some leftovers so that they can reuse them and make delectable dishes. One of the common foods that is left in the kitchen is rice.  

Rice is considered a popular staple nationwide. It is not only easy to cook but is a versatile ingredient that is needed in our everyday meals. From snacks, and mains to desserts, rice is a common ingredient required in these courses. Besides, rice is one such ingredient that belongs to every cuisine. There are a total of more than 40,000 varieties of rice and India is one of the biggest producers as well as the consumers.  

Talking about rice is the most easily cooked item in Asian households. There are a variety of dishes in Indian cuisine made with rice starting from mouth-watering biriyanis to comforting curd rice. Besides, how can people forget about the Asian rice bowls and fried rice that are immensely delicious as well.  

Instead of having the leftover rice with dal and kadhi, one can make a variety of items with the leftover rice. This article will provide some of the recipes made from leftover rice. Take a look at them:  

  • Rice Tikki  

People have experienced different types of tikkis, be it veg or meat. However, with some cooked leftover rice, this rice tikki can be prepared. Along with rice, it contains the goodness of veggies, as well as flavours of desi spices. It is simple to prepare and has a unique taste. This snack is a perfect one to impress the guests.   

  • Garlic And Egg Fried Rice  

Worrying about the leftover rice? Well, this fried rice will resolve all the problems. This is a flavour-packed fried rice recipe that will instantly ward off hunger pangs. The rice is tossed with eggs and a burst of garlic. It is cooked in a host of chillies and oriental flavours. This is the easiest way to turn the leftover rice into a flavourful dish.  

  • Curd Rice  

This South Indian delicacy is loved by people from all age groups. It is a comfort food and is preferred in the summer season. It is loved beyond the region and is made in different and unique variations. Curd rice is even referred to as someone who is unwell as it is cool on the stomach. It is prepared with leftover rice, soaked in water, and mixed with curd along with simple seasonings like onions and green chillies.  

  • Leftover Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers  

This is not the usual stuffed bell peppers. However, it is prepared with leftover rice. Cook the filling of the stuffed bell peppers with veggies, leftover rice, cheese, and seasoning. Stuff the colourful peppers with the filling and bake until the peppers are tender, and the cheese melts.  

  • Coconut Rice  

It is an easy and delicious recipe that can be relished for lunch or dinner. Coconut is cooked in a pool of nuts and spices along with urad dal and chana dal sauteed with cooked rice. The crunchy coconut pieces, urad, and chana dal in the rice form an extraordinary taste.   

  • Zafrani Pulao  

This creamy and rich zafrani pulao tastes delicious and this can be easily made with leftover rice. The rice is cooked with loads of nuts, saffron, and rich whole spices. This sweet pulao can be paired with kadhi and other condiments.   

  • Rice Pudding  

Finally, try making use of leftover rice by preparing pudding. This is a creamy mixture of rice and milk and is cooked until thick and soft. This is a sweet delicacy and can be enjoyed as dessert. The rice pudding can be sweetened with sugar or jaggery and enhanced with vanilla.