Gordon Ramsay Uses Tomato Sauce To Make Butter Chicken

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay is renowned for his sharp critiques and high expectations in the culinary world. The 57-year-old TV presenter was also seen reviewing dishes with complete honesty in the US version of MasterChef. But now the 17-time Michelin star recipient found himself in the spotlight for cooking a beloved Indian dish.   

Chef Gordon recently shared a video on his Instagram where he can be seen making the classic butter chicken. However, this recipe failed to impress the desi's due to the addition of an extra ingredient. He starts making the creamy and buttery delight by marinating the succulent pieces of chicken with salt and spices like cumin, coriander powder and chilli powder. Then he adds a dollop of yoghurt, mixes it well and allows it to rest.   

Meanwhile, the chicken is being marinated, the chef prepares the sauce. He pours oil in a pan and adds chopped onions, ginger, cardamom, red chillies, and minced coriander along with two cubes of butter and a few spices. Till now everything seems to be usual, but things take a turn when he adds a generous amount of tomato sauce into the mixture.   

He further adds a good quantity of cream to the gravy before cooking it further. Along with the sauce, he also fries the marinated chicken in another pan. Next, the chef, Gordon pours the prepared gravy into the mixer and blends it until smooth and thick. Then he pours the gravy back into the pan and cooks it for a while with the chicken. Finally, the chef serves his tomato sauce-infused butter chicken with grated lemon extract and additional butter cubes.  

Apart from Gordon Ramsay making it using tomato sauce butter chicken in the news recently regarding the controversy about its origin. The video was uploaded with the caption, “Curry in a hurry!” and has got more than 1 crore views and 725k likes. However, people in the comment section have divided opinions. Some of the users really love the dish and are willing to give it a try while some were not in favour of adding tomato sauce to the butter chicken. So, what's your take on this recipe?