Google Doodle Celebrates Flat White Coffee

On March 11, Google Doodle celebrates the popular flat white coffee, an espresso-based beverage which was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011. Google Doodle, a temporary change in the website’s logo is known to commemorate historical events and famous birthdays.   

Believed to have been invented in Australia and New Zealand in 1980s, the animated doodle will be visible across various countries in the world. The drink was first introduced through cafes in Sydney and Auckland and is typically brewed with steamed milk poured over a shot of espresso. Thinly layered with micro-foam, it is traditionally served in a ceramic cup.  

Ruling the palate of coffee connoisseurs for decades, Google Doodle has portrayed different brewing stages of flat white in its logo. It was shown as a three-panel gif illustrating its making process including the art involved in creating the leaf design over the drink.  

The origin of the flat white coffee is a steaming cup of friendly rivalry between Australia and New Zealand. Aussie baristas give the credit of its origin to Alan Preston for putting it on his menu, while New Zealanders have legends of baristas like Fraser McInnes creating this caffeinated drink by accident. 

"Being 'flatter' than a cappuccino or latte, flat whites are popular with coffee connoisseurs who are looking for less foam," Google explained on its website. "Often, baristas will show off their skills and create beautiful artwork with the pour, something that's a common sight in many cafes across Australia and New Zealand." 

This caffeinated beverage has a unique smooth and velvety texture along with a strong coffee flavour. White flat commonly has two shots of espresso but a few people like it with a single shot. As per some coffee lovers, this drink is similar to latte but with less milk. However, the main difference between both these drinks lies in the ratio of milk and espresso.   

"Coffee culture has changed a lot over the years and so have ways to make the flat white," said Google. "Made with whole milk back in the day, today it's common to see Aussies and Kiwis ordering it with plant-based milk - oat milk is a rising favourite!" The craze for flat white has spread across the globe and has become a staple beverage in many countries. The Doodle's description says, “No matter the origins, coffee lovers worldwide agree it’s a favourite morning or arvo (afternoon) pick-me-up!"