Gond Ki Raab To Beat The Chill

Gond is one of those essential winter foods that you simply cannot get enough of. Remember those happy times when our dadis and nanis made us eat delicious gond ladoos? That is reasonable considering how healthy this edible gum is and how essential it is throughout the winter. This winter, try making gond ki raabdi, a fascinating, traditional, and age-old cuisine of Rajasthan and nearby. You'll get the power and warmth from this raabdi or raab that you sorely need to fend against the cold. Aeons ago, our ancestors used this concoction to combat chilly evenings. Although Rajasthan is generally thought of as a hot, muggy location, the nights there are cold, and in certain places it even gets below zero degrees. The dry climate compels the residents to have ample ghee in their meals and keep going. Although the greenery is underappreciated, you will be amazed by the wide variety of foods available here. Here is the recipe for gond ki raab. 


 Gond 2 tbsp 

 Ghee 1 tbsp 

 Whole wheat flour 1 tbsp 

 Water 1 cup 

 Almond powder 2 tbsp 

 Jaggery 1/4 cup 

 Elaichi powder 2 tsp 

 Kesar few strands 

 Almond flakes for garnish 


Edible gum crystals are added to heated ghee and allowed to pop in a nonstick pan. When the mixture begins to thicken, add 2 to 3 cups of water and whisk continually. Mix thoroughly after adding jaggery until it melts. Add the desiccated coconut, mixing well while reserving some for garnish. Cook for a minute while simmering. Mix thoroughly before adding the almonds and half of the cashews. Serve the gond ki raab hot, garnished with the remaining cashewnuts and some desiccated coconut. 


There is a very good reason why eating gond in any form is essential for pregnant women. Given during the lactation period, gond laddus or gond in general is advantageous for both mother and baby as it helps them meet nutritional needs. Specifically because it helps them become stronger and produce more milk.  

In herbal Ayurvedic treatments, gond is frequently used to cure both diarrhoea and cough. To calm your throat and stomach, you can either make a kadha or a powder (churan). 

Inflammation is a result that causes ulcers. Gond aids in minimising the impact of inflammation and prevents the emergence of mouth ulcers. 

Gondh has adaptogenic qualities that improve the body's capacity to reestablish normal physiological functioning and shield it from the negative effects of stress. 

Gond also has anti-aging qualities, which are good for the skin because they prevent wrinkles from forming. Not every thing fits every person. When ingesting gond, keep in mind that you should drink lots of water to avoid having your intestines blocked. gond