Gol-Vodka: The Fusion Of Gol Gappa And Vodka
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 The passion for this food is the same whether you call it 'Gol Gappa,' 'Puchka,' or 'Pani Puri.' We'd always crave gol gappas, no matter where we go or how many other street foods we try. 

Although many different types of street food have been brought to the market, no snack can match up to the love gol gappa has.It is the best way to steal someone's heart. It is made by frying ‘sooji’ or ‘aata’ dough balls and then stuffed with filling made of potatoes, chickpeas, and other spices mixed with tamarind sauce, which is then served with the much-loved spicy mint water. This whole combination gives an amazing taste with a blend of crisp, spicy, sweet and sour.  

Gol Gappa vendors enjoy a different type of success entirely because they understand how popular their stalls are with the public. 

 Image source-Freepik

But the trend of fusion foods has caught up with gol gappas as well. We can see many different variations of the street food being combined with other foods including maggi, ice cream, curd and much more. Foodies are now back with another experiment that will leave you unsure whether you should be angry or happy. 

People are mixing mint water with Vodka, which is a clear distilled alcoholic beverage.  

'Golgappas with vodka' is a popular experiment in which individuals mix regular mint water with vodka to give it a boozy touch. And, what's more shocking is that it's a huge hit with the public.  

These Vodka-infused gol gappas are catching on like wildfire and capturing the hearts of folks all throughout the country. Several people posted their Vodka Golgappas stories on social media during this year's Holi festivities, and the recipe went viral.  

If you'd want to try this as well, don't worry; all you have to do is combine the mint water with vodka and serve it as usual. 


Of course, you won't be able to use these in place of your regular gol gappas, but they're great for parties and festivals.  

You may offer these boozy gol gappas at any type of party or celebration with your friends or family.