What Is The Role Of Goat Milk In Dengue Fever?
Image Credit: Goat Milk In Dengue Fever

Goat milk for blood platelets: The monsoon is around, and so is the fear of dengue. People have already started preparing for this breakbone fever. However, if you also want to avoid this infection, then add goat's milk to your diet today itself. Do you know that goat's milk is a panacea for dengue recommend by doctors? 

Symptoms of dengue


Monsoon and dengue go hand-in-hand, therefore dengue attack begins before the onset of the rainy season. It is caused by the bite of the female Aedes aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes cause white spots on your body, and they bite primarily during the day. Therefore, if you see the following symptoms on your body, do not ignore them and see a doctor as soon as possible. 

  1. Sudden high fever leading to chills. 
  2. Severe pain in the muscles, bones and head.  
  3. There is severe burning of the eyes along with water. 
  4. Low appetite leading to a weak body. 
  5. Occurrence of red-pink rash on the body, especially on the face, neck and chest. 

How is goat milk beneficial? 

Do you know that goat's milk is the best medicine to avoid dengue? Goat's milk is rich in minerals, vitamins, which helps fight diseases by boosting and making your immune system strong. In addition, vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin D, folic acid and protein increases platelets in the body. There is a shortage of blood platelets in the dengue patient's body making the blood thinner. The number of platelets falls very fast, due to which the patient dies. In such a situation, the nourishing goat's milk causes an immediate increase in platelets. The nutrients present in goat's milk do not allow the blood to become thin. Therefore, it is beneficial in dengue. 

So start adding goat's milk to your diet today itself and get rid of dengue fever this monsoon.