Heading To Goa, Visit These Iconic Bars
Image Credit: Joseph Bar in Panjim

Come new year and most of us will be heading to this beach vacation spot- Goa. Sun sand and those lovely beaches and experience gets doubled once you get to hit that right spot to enjoy the sunset as you sip in the best cocktail at one of the tranquil bar here.  Grabbing your own pint, as you soak in these timeless retro bar they will surely allure with their charming heritage. 

Joseph Bar

Watering holes like Joseph Bar are an absolute piece of living heritage. In it’s hayday this place was Goa’s most sought after watering hole. No dress code, no Ac or no loud music, it’s pretty recent that the place started serving craft gin and beer that’s locally produced along with dry snacks like fried prawns and burgers and more. Visiting here feels like time travel. Revived by Atish Antonio Fernandes, Jazz is regular most evenings here. This no-frills, a very ordinary-looking bar should be bookmarked next time you are here. 


Have you ever steeped inside any old bars in Europe this place will exactly give u that vibe. Chef Pablo Miranda’s watering hole sees brightly painted chalk murals on walls. From truffle mushroom to crispy chicharrones to beef fry to snapper ceviche along with other Goan specials the bar surely makes some great cocktails. The Bimbli Gin Sour along with the Arrack and kokum cocktail is surely a must try. This classic gram friendly place is an perfect ode to an Goan adda.


This all-time happening hipster bar is nothing more than a tiny shack-on-the-road in Assagao. Named after the Colombian drug lord, this is that laid back place when you come your gang and stay for long as you chit chat your heart out. This fuss-free co-owned by Anant and Terence gives that Goan bar culture vibe. Regular almost find comfort in this place. The feni cocktails are the USP of this roadside drinking place. They have the ever delicious they got Susegado chaps to go best with your beer on tap. They even have a skatepark in the backyard as they want to help grow the skating community champs of Goa. Don’t forget they are close on Mondays. 

Paulos Antique Bar

This tiny bar at the Chapora village is mostly known only to regulars and yes those who really have a nack for finding the lesser known. Twinkling fairy lights and Rockstar posters fill this place. Remember this place has no fixed menu and the playlist is old school Alice Cooper, Scorpions and the likes of them. Full of unpretentious vibes, reasonably priced alcohol this hole-in-the-wall bar sees only few tables on the verandah. 

Darling's Bar

Almost right next to the corner of Pablo’s bar this place their pizzas are much popular. One of Goa’s best kept secret, this place has of the best friendliest feels and vibe. With an indoor and outdoor area and a pool table inside, Darling’s bar is that late night spot is every but pretentious. The fun part being you can order your food at any of the restaurants and food will be delivered at Darling’s