Explore This Mumbai Spirit Fest With Pals For Valentine's Week

Planning something special for Valentine’s week? If you’re in Mumbai, grab your S.O. or your pals and head to Jio World Garden in BKC for a snazzy spirit festival. The Vault Festival is set to host its third edition on February 17 and 18; its Asia’s first conversation-forward event which promotes various homegrown brands and new trends in the beverage industry. Founded in 2019 as The Vault Biennale, the festival is curated by Keshav Prakash, who aims to create a culture of fine spirits appreciation within the country’s alco-bev space.

Besides tastings, masterclass sessions and some amazing food, this year's edition will have specific pavilions dedicated to Tequila, Rum, Whisky, Gin, Saké, and more with over 50 boutique international labels and Indian craft creations. Guests can learn more about Indian craft spirit brands, witness world-class distillers and seasoned gourmet chefs share insight and stay back for some performances by artistes such as Dhruv Athreye and Sambucada. 

Besides new-age cocktails from the country’s leading mixologists, you can also expect a flurry of coffee-infused treats by the popular brand Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters. Guests can also indulge in sessions and workshops with the pros with The Vault Festival’s multisensorial experience zones, which leave you with an elevated understanding of craft spirits."

Plus, there are curated culinary lounges and pop-ups along with weekend sundowners. Tickets for the festival are priced at Rs 999 and are available online. Here are some highlights of the festival you should bookmark if you visit. 

The Best Of Single Malt

Experience a multi-sensorial adventure with ‘The Pursuit of Smoke’ where you can transport yourself to the peaty hills and moors of Islay in Scotland, with a glass of velvety Ardbeg 10 Years Old, which is known as the peatiest, smokiest, and most complex single malt. The sit-down experience is limited to 16 guests and will be followed by a cocktail. The experience will offered every 30 minutes from 6.00 pm and you can sign up for your preferred time slot at the Ardbeg space at the venue.  

Price: Rs. 699/- 

Try Unreleased Spirits

The UK craft pavilion will feature some whiskies and gins which are not yet available in India and you may even get to meet the makers or distillers. Moreover, you can also opt for a guided tasting session of The Macallan classic range where you can sample different ranges of The Macallan including The Macallan Triple Cask 12 years, The Macallan Double Cask 12 years & The Macallan Sherry Oak Cask 12 years.  

Sichuan Sensations

Sit down for an exclusive 3-course vegetarian menu, featuring Sichuan’s vibrant flavours, with 2 drinks and complimentary festival access. The first course will offer a Sichuān Liáng Miàn, a cold noodle salad dressed in a zesty and nutty sauce, the second course features a Ganban Chão Shou, which are dry-tossed wontons bathed in a flavorful blend of soy sauce and chilli oil and the third course will have a Má Pó Dòufu & Jasmine Rice, along with silken tofu, cooked in a chili bean sauce.  

It’s limited to just 14 guests per seating at 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm, both days, the experience curated by GTC, marks House of Málà’s debut beyond their famed supper club. You can buy these tickets on Paytm Insider.

Counter Top Lab Experiences

You can discover the art of balance, explore various spirits, and learn the tricks of the trade with 4 unique cocktails under the guidance of one of the expert mixologists Akshit who can help you grasp the cocktail-making techniques and get hands-on experience with bar equipment. You can also immerse yourself in an exclusive, reservation-only beverage and cocktail session where expert mixologists will craft 3 complex cocktails using different techniques.