Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs Recipe For Holiday Feast
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Good Friday and Easter Sunday are almost here and obviously every foodie out there would want to celebrate the festival with at least a few chocolate-coated, delicious Easter Eggs. However, this can be a difficult time for those with gluten-allergies or those following a healthy diet. If you are one of these people, then this easy-peasy and yummy Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs recipe is tailormade for you. Because this recipe calls for quinoa puffs instead of rice crispies or any other glutinous ingredients, these Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs are perfect for those with gluten resistance. The recipe for Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs also skip any and all dairy products, making it perfect for those with lactose intolerance too. 

Another plus point of this easy Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs recipe is that the ingredients are completely vegan. No milk, no cream, nor any butter is used in the recipe. Since it is packed with quinoa, this recipe is also extremely healthy and nutritious. For those wondering how to get quinoa puffs, here’s a little secret. Making quinoa puffs at home is super easy! All you need are quinoa seeds, a large, heavy-bottomed pan and some time at hand to make the quinoa puffs. Once toasted properly, quinoa seeds take very little time to puff up. 

Apart from quinoa, this recipe calls for both dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The former is used to make the chocolate quinoa mix while the latter is used to coat the Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs. While we are using chocolate sprinkles and grated coconut to decorate the Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs, you can also use colourful sprinkles, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, strawberry dust, etc. Here is the easy Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs recipe for you to try. 

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1 cup quinoa 

1 cup dark chocolate, molten 

½ cup soft dates paste 

2 tbsp cashew butter 

2 tbsp maple syrup 

1 tbsp coconut oil 

½ tsp orange zest 

¼ tsp vanilla essence 

½ tsp salt 

10 almonds, for the centre 

1 cup milk chocolate, molten 

Chocolate sprinkles, for garnish 

Grated coconut, for garnish 


1. To puff the quinoa, heat a heavy-bottomed pan on the stove. 

2. Pour in the quinoa and make sure all the quinoa seeds are getting direct heat. If they aren’t, use a larger pan or pour in only half the quinoa. 

3. Shake the pan regularly or use a spatula to stir the quinoa occasionally.  

4. The quinoa will start popping after a minute or two. 

5. Let the quinoa pop until you get a nutty aroma. Don’t let the quinoa burn, however. 

6. Once the quinoa is popped, transfer them into a large bowl and let them cool down completely. 

7. In a separate bowl, place the molten chocolate, dates paste, cashew butter, maple syrup, coconut oil, orange zest, vanilla essence and salt. 

8. Mix everything well, then pour gradually into the bowl of puffed quinoa. 

9. Mix again until you get a thick batter. 

10. Now, take an almond. Take two spoonfuls of the chocolate quinoa mix and press them around the almonds to make an egg-shaped laddoo. You can also use egg moulds to do this. 

11. Once all the chocolate quinoa batter is shaped into Easter eggs, insert a skewer or toothpick on one side. 

12. Take the molten milk chocolate in a large bowl and dip the Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs one by one to coat them properly. 

13. Let the coating set, then add chocolate sprinkles and grated coconut generously. 

14. Chill the Chocolate Quinoa Easter Eggs and serve cold.