Lohri Wali Sweets: A Delish Upgrade With This Apple Kheer Recipe
Image Credit: Lohri wali kheer

Being a Probashi Bengali in Delhi has its own perks. ‘Probashi’ is a Bengali word for an immigrant or simply a non-resident Bengali, who lives outside of Bengal. One of the most exciting times of the year has to be the Makar Sankranti. While I linger around my kitchen to check on the status of the Patishapta and Pithe in making, at the same time I am also taking mental notes of my outfit for the Lohri party that I have been invited to later in the evening. Interestingly, both Lohri and Poush Parbon are harvest festivals, celebrated in Punjab and Bengal respectively, these festivals are marked with vibrant rituals, traditions and delicious food. The delicacies also vary from region to region, but there are some common elements that persist despite cultural differences. The preference given to sesame and jaggery for that matter, both of these ingredients are known to have a warm taseer, and are thus considered very beneficial during this climate. The love for kheer is also universal. Name one festival where kheer cannot be featured, come on, we are waiting.  


The Indian love affair for kheer goes back centuries. Bound with nostalgia, this rice and milk pudding has many avatars. Make it thick, or runny, the choice is yours. Kheer is one of India’s oldest desserts, finding mention in ancient texts like the 11th century Manosollassa. It is one dessert that has successfully transcended boundaries, savoured by rich and poor alike. There is something about kheer that screams gala celebrations.  

Even though you can make kheer in a matter of minutes, but it is best not to rush it. Remember the most luscious kheer that you will ever have, has taken a lot of love, care and attention to detail. From watching the milk boil and bubble, to simmering it and scraping the sides of the kashai and mixing it back with the kheer requires patience, which is so worth it. And even though, traditionally kheer is just a combination of rice, milk and fragrant spices; it can be reimagined in innumerable ways. You can start by adding your favourite fruits to the pudding.

Chef Rajesh, Executive Sous-Chef Of Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi shared its delicious Apple Kheer recipe on the occasion of Lohri. This recipe requires a total of five ingredients and is so easy to make that you can easily make it an hour before the do. It is going to be the highlight of your spread and you can thank us later.  

Here’s the recipe you have been waiting for. Try it soon and let us know how you liked it.  


  • Green Apple- 2
  • Milk full cream-500 ml
  • Sugar-30 gm
  • Pistachio-06 gm
  • Apple chip- 1


1. Firstly, wash, peel and grate apple.

2. On low flame, cook the apple with sugar till it is cooked and the apple becomes translucent

3. Reduce milk on low flame till it becomes very thick, stir continuously and make rabdi.

4. Now, mix the apple and rabdi together.

5. Garnish with dried pistachio sliced and dehydrated apple chip.