Give A Tangy Touch To Your Dinner Palette By Trying These Chutneys
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Chutney is a traditional accompaniment to all Indian local dishes. It may be found in practically every Indian meal and adds a unique flavour to any dish with which it is served. The wonderful thing about chutney is that you can experiment with different components, such as fruits, herbs, and vegetables, and always come up with a delicious recipe. Tomato relish, ground peanut garnish, yoghurt or curd, cucumber, spicy coconut, spicy onion, or mint dipping sauce are just a few examples of chutneys. The word chutney comes from the Hindi word chatna, which means "to lick" or "to eat with appetite." In India, the term chutney is used interchangeably to describe both fresh and pickled foods; however, the word is only used for fresh foods in a few Indian languages.  Chutneys in India can be prepared with pickles that have been ripened in the sun for up to two weeks and stored for up to a year, or they can be made fresh from raw ingredients and kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days or a week. Simple spiced chutneys, which are similar to pickles in preparation and use, dating back to 500 BC. This method of food preservation originated in India and was later adopted by the Romans and British as a result of their encounters and contacts with the Indian subcontinent. Chutney fell out of favour in the United Kingdom when more foreign and diverse dishes were imported into northern Europe. This, combined with the ability to refrigerate fresh foods and an increase in the number of glasshouses, meant that chutney and pickle consumption in Britain was limited to the troops and those living in India. Around the 1780s, chutney reappeared as a favourite starter in England.

Here are some chutneys you can have for the dinner that will add a tangy and spicy flavour to your dinner palette-

Tomato Chutney

Tomato Chutney is a tangy and flavorful chutney made with tomatoes, herbs, and spices from South India. Tomato chutney, also known as thakkali chutney, can be made in a variety of ways. This chutney is made with chopped tomatoes that have been cooked in a variety of spices and have a pleasant flavour. Idli, dosa, and vadas are served alongside. This one is nice and refreshing and could easily be an all-season favourite!

Papaya chutney is also called papaya sambharo/