German Ambassador Spotted Relishing Indian Mangoes

Philip Ackermann, the German ambassador to India and Bhutan, who was in the country to speak at a conference organised by GIZ India and the Standing Conference Of Public Enterprises (SCOPE), on the importance of public sector enterprises expressed his excitement on trying out three different varieties of Indian mangoes during his visit. He was introduced to three different  mango varieties – the Sindoori, Kesar and Malgoa.

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The ambassador, who was here to endorse the Indo-German partnership towards Green & Sustainable Development partnership towards a net-zero future for our country, exclaimed saying “Very pretty!”, as he also held an Alphonso mango in the video he shared on Twitter. He posted saying, “Mango season is on. Since I first set foot in India, I have been fascinated by the crazy variety in look, feel and taste! Had a first tasting with my colleagues from the residence, and tried Sindoori, Kesar & Malgoa mangoes. A long way to go.”

He was also seen appreciating the freshness of the fruit as he tasted the nuanced flavours of each variety of the king of fruits. He enjoyed tasting each mango by tasting a small cube and sharing it with a colleague and amazed by how diverse each of their flavours were. He was seen signing off declaring his curiosity to try other varieties of mangoes on his next visit. It surely comes as no surprise that he was enamoured by the fresh, sweet fruits that have been winning the hearts of all of us each summer! Tell us about your favourite mango and mango dishes in the comments below.