Gauri Khan's Restaurant, Torii, is a Feast For Eyes And Palate
Image Credit: Instagram: @gaurikhan

Gauri Khan is well-known as a celebrity interior designer, author, and producer. The woman with utter brilliance has announced her first venture in the hospitality sector and how! Reports suggest that after drawing inspiration from her multifaceted career in interior design and her passion for creating captivating spaces, Gauri Khan has now meticulously crafted Torii, her first restaurant in Mumbai, that offers an unparalleled fine dining experience.

Her magnificent restaurant, Torii, located in the heart of Mumbai, is reportedly an Asian fine-dining establishment that promises a vibrant journey through all the flavours of Asia. But this isn’t just another fine-dining restaurant, or so the early reviews suggest; it is also a reflection of Gauri Khan’s love for food. Here’s everything you need to know about Gauri Khan’s debut in the restaurant industry

From Street-side Delights to Global Palates

Gauri Khan is a self-proclaimed foodie whose love for food shines equally for the spicy street food and the fiery fine-dine delicacies. Her love for Mumbai’s vada pav and Delhi’s chaat-based treats are known to all, and with all of her authentic experiences, she has translated them into the menu of Torii. 

The name Torii comes from a Japanese word, hinting at an Asian culinary experience that means – gateway to a temple. And this is exactly how Gauri Khan has designed her restaurant with bold red, green and gold colours. 

Torii’s Artistic Menu

At the heart of Torii lies a culinary philosophy rooted in authenticity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Reportedly, Torii’s menu isn’t just limited to the national cuisines but is spread across all Asian specialities. Be it the melt-in-your-mouth sashimi crafted with the freshest catch, succulent dim sum bursting with vibrant fillings, or Gauri Khan’s personal favourite sushi, The Dirty Torii, each dish showcases Gauri Khan's signature style. The culinary journey is further elevated by an extensive selection of wines, cocktails and more, which are reportedly crafted by Gauri Khan’s handpicked team of experts.

Torii: Beyond the Plate

Torii is a perfect amalgamation of Gauri's passions: a love for food, a keen eye for design, and a desire to create experiences that leave a lasting impression. Reports suggest that when you step into Torii, apart from the aroma-filled air, you will also witness the restaurant's elegant ambience. With the dining space divided into chambers for a more comfortable and personal experience, the interior design is truly impeccable. Be it the lush greenery, water features, handpicked artworks, or sculptural installations, every corner of Torii has its own story that invites guests from all over the world to have a grandeur experience.