Gary Mehigan Dines At Chef Manu Chandra’s Bengaluru Restaurant

From chhole-bhature in the streets of Delhi to fine dining in the mountains at Prateek Sadhu’s restaurant in Kasauli, Gary Mehigan leaves no stone unturned when it comes to enjoying Indian food. Given how the scope of Indian cuisines have expanded in the last few years, it comes as no surprise that global techniques are taking centre stage, with indigenous ingredients basking in the spotlight. Promoting this very idea in his own way, Gary has shown his support to many Indian restaurants over many opportunities he has had to spend time in India.

In his most recent visit, Gary stopped by to enjoy a meal at acclaimed chef Manu Chandra’s recently-opened restaurant in Bengaluru, called Lupa. Serving up European cuisine with a contemporary flair, Lupa has been receiving quite the buzz around its delicious offerings like the Caesar salad and a dish that Gary thought was the star of the night – the slow-cooked lamb barbacoa with sumac onions. In a video posted by Gary, he showed the dish which arrived at the table wrapped in a banana leaf, and appeared to be perfectly seasoned and charred.

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In addition to this, Gary continued his journey further by arriving in Hyderabad, where he paid a visit to the café of the Indian craft chocolate company – Manam. The celebrity judge and chef not only took a tour of their facility to look at the process by which cocoa beans were being turned into delicious coverture chocolate, followed by a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how some of their delectable creations came to life. As a treat, Gary also relished their chocolate stuffed croissants, which he labelled as ‘perfectly laminated’. Praising the company’s ethical and sustainable practices, he was all praises for the ‘very good chocolate’ he had the pleasure of enjoying.