Chef Garima Arora Wins A Second Michelin Star For 'Gaa'

On the 13th of December, the MICHELIN Guide Thailand Star Revelation announced that two restaurants would be awarded a prestigious second star for 2024. One of them was ‘Gaa’ the Bangkok-based restaurant helmed by Indian-born Chef Garima Arora. Widely considered the most prestigious accolade in the culinary world, a MICHELIN star was given to Gaa in 2018 which made Arora the first female Indian chef to receive the award. And now she’s made history again by earning another and making her one of only 3 Indian chefs in the world to currently hold two MICHELIN stars. 

A single MICHELIN Star recognises restaurants with high-quality ingredients and consistently excellent preparation of distinct dishes. Two Stars signify a chef's talent and personality, reflected in refined and inspired cuisine. The highest honour, Three MICHELIN Stars, is bestowed upon chefs displaying superlative cooking at the pinnacle of their profession. At the moment only 7 other Thai restaurants hold two stars and none have yet earned a third.&nbs