Ganesh Chaturthi: Learn How To Make Badam Sitaphal Sandesh
Image Credit: Badama Sitaphal Sandesh

The celebration spirit is evident everywhere as Ganesh Chaturthi approaches. Devotees welcome Lord Ganesh, aka Bappa into their homes and observe rituals, perform puja and aarti, and prepare sumptuous feasts over the 10-day celebration to obtain the blessings of the Almighty. Given how much Lord Ganesha enjoys sweets, it is difficult to imagine this occasion without the delectable Modak. However, there are a number of other customary delicacies that are made at home and served to Bappa as a bhog. This time, let's prepare a Sandesh to appease the deity and make Ganesh Chaturthi a memorable occasion!

Sandesh, also known as sondesh, is a delectable Bengali confection that is frequently prepared for holidays or other special events and is well-known both in India and abroad. It can be made with just milk and sugar or with milk and chhena or paneer in various recipes. With Ganesh Chaturthi just around the corner, celebration preparations are already underway. While there will be enormous feasts and presentations, there is no better way to savour fun than with a sweet affair. 

Here is the recipe for Badam Mishri Sitaphal Sandesh in jar 


For Badam Mishri 

1 cup Almonds; soaked overnight and peeled 

1/4 mishri 

1tbsp Rose water 

10-12 strands of Kesar 

For the Sandesh 

Paneer/ Chenna from 1lt milk 

1/2 cup Vanilla Ice cream 

1 large Sitaphal; deseeded 

Small pinch elaichi powder 

For the topping 

The remaining Sitaphal pulp 

Small pinch Kesar 

1tsp Milk 

Small pinch of elaichi 


Take the rose water and Kesar and combine them in a bowl. After allowing it to sit for five minutes, combine everything and set it aside. For optimal results, place it in the refrigerator overnight. 

Start shredding the paneer or chenna. Be patient as you start to smooth it out with the palms of your hands (if you're using paneer, warm it up a little before using). Add the ice cream mix once it's smooth and continue to rub it until it's even smoother. Include elaichi and 2 tablespoons of Sitaphal pulp. Mix well. To see if it is sweet enough, give it a quick taste. If you want it to be sweeter, whisk with 1-2 tbsp of powdered sugar. Transfer into a jar once finished. Heat the milk and kesar, combine it with the sitaphal pulp, and then pour it over the Sandesh. Finish with the badam Mishri and add chopped Pista as a garnish. Your Sandesh in a jar is ready!