Ganesh Chaturthi  2022 – From Temales To Orange Kulfi
Image Credit: Orange Kulfi

Ganpati is known for his love for ladoo’s, modak’s, banana and more and sweet shops are loaded with with delicious variety of modaks, barfis and ladoos. Ganpati is suppose to be the happiest when he is fed well. This festival is also all about the ab special extravaganza of a well laid special bhog.

Shifting from the usual Chef Arun Prasad, Sous Chef, Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore brings some Ganesh Chaturthi special recipes for our readers. 

Date and Sesame Temales

    300 gms Dates 

    50 gms Desiccated Coconut 

    10 gms White Sesame seeds 

    150 gms Khoa 

    10 nos Corn Husk 


    Make a paste of dates in the mixer grinder

    In a non-stick pan lightly toast the sesame seeds

    Add the desiccated coconut and roast on slow heat till the coconut starts turning brown in colour

    Grate the khoa in the sesame and coconut mixture and continue roasting making it into a homogenous mixture

    Add the Dates to the mixture and cook till it all forms a nice homogenous mixture.

    Remove the mixture from the pan and cool it down

    Now pack the mixture in a corn husk and steam them in a steamer for around 10 minutes

    After steaming, lightly pan fry the corn husk parcels and serve hot

Orange Kulfi


    1L Milk Full Fat 

    100 gms Fresh Cream 

    50 gms Orange Crush 

    100 gms Sugar 

    4 nos Fresh Orange 

    100 gms Whole Wheat flour 


    Boil Milk and start reducing it on a slow flame

    Reduce the Milk by 70%

    Add the sugar at the end to avoid too much caramelization

    Cool the Milk for 4 hours

    After the milk cools down add fresh cream

    Mix Orange crush in the milk and fresh cream mixture

    Now take oranges cut them open from the top and remove the segments from inside leaving

    the shell intact

    Pour the mixture into the orange shell and pack it using dough and the top layer that we

    have removed

    Put it in the freezer to set for atleast 4 hours