Game Of Thrones Scotch, Breaking Bad Beer: Spirits From TV Shows
Image Credit: The Game Of Thrones Scotch Whisky Edition

THERE are few things that pair better with our favourite TV shows than a delicious beverage. From the first sip of a cold beer during a sports game to a glass of wine while catching up on the latest drama, drinking enhances the viewing experience. But some creative companies have taken this synergy to the next level by producing alcoholic drinks that pay direct homage to our most beloved series.

Thanks to licensing deals and creative brands, fans can now actually get their hands on real-life versions of TV-inspired drinks. From whiskies and wines themed around Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey to beers named after characters on Family Guy and Breaking Bad, these products allow viewers to literally taste the spirit of their favourite programmes.

Without further ado, here is the list:

1.Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection: This collection was released by Diageo in collaboration with HBO, featuring eight different scotches, each paired with one of the iconic Houses of Westeros. The Night's Watch even got its own special edition Oban Bay Reserve. Each bottle is a testament to the spirit of the show, with the rich, complex flavours of the scotch reflecting the depth and intricacy of the series.

2.Downton Abbey Wine Collection: This collection was inspired by the award-winning British historical drama, Downton Abbey. The range includes a variety of wines that reflect the era in which the show is set, including a Bordeaux Claret and a Bordeaux Blanc. The wines are crafted with grapes grown on the same vines and in the same soil as the era depicted in the series.

3.Breaking Bad 'Heisenberg' Blue Ice Vodka: This vodka is a nod to the iconic blue meth produced by Walter White in the series. The vodka is filtered through a unique process that gives it a distinctive blue hue, reminiscent of the infamous 'Blue Sky' methamphetamine featured in the show.

4.Peaky Blinders Irish Whiskey: This whiskey is inspired by the gritty British crime drama, Peaky Blinders. The spirit is a nod to the show's Irish roots, with a blend of grain and single malt Irish whiskey. It's a smooth, spicy whiskey that's as bold and uncompromising as the characters in the show.

5.The Walking Dead Blood Red Blend Wine: This wine is a tribute to the popular post-apocalyptic series, The Walking Dead. The Blood Red Blend is a bold, full-bodied wine with flavours of dark fruit and spice, reflecting the intense, gripping nature of the show.

6.Outlander Wine Collection: This collection was inspired by the historical drama, Outlander. The range includes a variety of wines, each named after one of the characters from the series. The wines are crafted to reflect the spirit of the show, with a blend of flavours that transport you back in time.

7.The Simpsons Duff Beer: This beer is a real-life version of the fictional beer in the animated sitcom, The Simpsons. It's a light, crisp lager that's perfect for enjoying while watching the show's humorous antics.

8.Star Trek Wines: This collection of wines was inspired by the iconic sci-fi series, Star Trek. The range includes a Chateau Picard Bordeaux, named after Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and a Special Reserve United Federation of Planets Old Vine Zinfandel. The wines are crafted to reflect the spirit of exploration and discovery that's at the heart of the series.

9.Breaking Bad Schraderbräu Beer: This beer is a real-life version of the homebrew made by character Hank Schrader in the series. It's a classic German Märzen/Oktoberfest lager with a rich, malty flavour that's perfect for savouring while watching the show's intense drama unfold.

10.The Sopranos Wines: This collection of wines was inspired by the iconic crime drama, The Sopranos. The range includes a Chianti, a Pinot Grigio, and a Prosecco, all crafted to reflect the Italian heritage that's at the heart of the series.

11.Slurm from Futurama: Slurm is a fictional highly addictive drink in the animated series Futurama, often used for comedic gags related to addiction and substance abuse. In reality, there's a Slurm energy drink produced under licence by Boston America Corp. It's a citrus-flavoured soda, packaged in a can that resembles the one seen in the show, allowing fans to feel like they're in the 31st century.

12.Pawtucket Patriot Ale from Family Guy: In the animated series "Family Guy", Pawtucket Patriot Ale is the flagship product of the Pawtucket Brewery, where one of the characters, Peter Griffin, works. The real-life version of Pawtucket Patriot Ale is produced by Wicked Weed Brewing. It's an American Ale, which is a style known for its versatility and range, encompassing many different tastes and aromas. The beer is a nod to the show and a fun collectible for fans.

Drinking these TV-inspired beverages can be a fun way for fans to connect with the shows they love. But it is important to always consume alcohol in moderation. These products are meant to be enjoyed responsibly as an extension of entertainment, not a replacement for it. Please note that the availability of these products may vary by location and they may not be available in all countries.