Gaggan Anand Takes Ed Sheeran On A Street Food Tour Of Bangkok

What do you get when you put together a global music superstar with an acclaimed chef? A fun tour of Bangkok and all the delicious food it has to offer! In what seemed like a fun trip taken together by singer Ed Sheeran and Gaggan Anand, the unusual duo were seen getting along like a house on fire and bonding over some of the amazing food the city had to offer. The collaboration between the two – who came together to promote a brand of hot sauce and test it on popular Thai delicacies – seemed like a riot of flavours and food that looked too good to resist.

Led by Gaggan, Ed followed suit to enjoy breakfast at the iconic Jay Fai restaurant which is famed for its crab omelette. Gaggan, who labelled the chef of the Michelin Guide establishment as the street food queen of Asia, cut into the fluffy omelette stuffed with lumps of crab meat for the two of them. The taste of the omelette caught Ed’s attention, who seemed keen on knowing what the next destination was that they were headed to. This was followed by a trip to Thipsamai – touted as the best pad thai restaurant in Thailand – where the duo indulged in the sour-spicy-tangy flavours of the noodles wrapped in a lacy omelette, served with plump shrimp on the side.

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Gaggan and Ed made their way in search of a stall called J Poon, which served up crispy fried chicken – which they also doused in hot sauce before biting into the crispy skin. The street food adventure concluded with chef Gaggan and Ed declaring the hot sauce to be versatile enough to pair with everything they ate – making their day-long journey a success. The two were also seen appreciating the flavours and textures of the dishes in the video, as they twinned in white T-shirts and rode the local tuk-tuks to get from one spot to another. Sign us up for one of these, we’d say!