G20 Summit: Italian PM Savours Vietnamese Delights in Delhi
Image Credit: Left to right: Vaibhav Bhargav, Head Chef at, CHÔ, PM, Giorgia Meloni, Samrat, partner at CHÔ,

The G20 Summit 2023, one of the most significant annual events, is gradually coming together, promising success on the horizon. As the national capital region is hosting this prestigious gathering of delegates from across the globe, the city has adorned itself in grandeur. Bharat, known for its rich history of traditions yesterday witnessed a cultural exchange as Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni dined at Delhi's exclusive Vietnamese restaurant, CHÔ. This coming together of different cultures on the eve of the summit shows how excited and hopeful people were getting for the conference, which promises to be a memorable and harmonious international event.  

We had an exclusive conversation with CHÔ’s staff and the head chef, Vaibhav Bhargav, informed that CHÔ was selected as the dinner venue for Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and 40 other delegates. The highlight of the menu featured a special, no-onion, no-garlic selection. This choice arose from dietary considerations, accommodating guests with allergies to these ingredients. The dishes were meticulously crafted by a team of chefs at the Vietnamese restaurant to ensure a delightful and allergy-friendly dining experience.  

Image: Menu details

Samrat, partner at CHÔ, expressed immense pride, emphasizing that their role extends beyond typical hospitality. When a Prime Minister or someone of such stature visits, it becomes even more special as they not only represent their country but also embody warmth and appreciation. Prime Minister Meloni made everyone feel welcome and appreciated with her informal and friendly manner, encouraging a sense of friendship and gratitude among the staff.  

Image: Dishes served

Vaibhav shared that the meal comprised signature offerings such as pho, rice paper rolls, dumplings, noodles and a specially crafted Vietnamese curry tailored for Giorgia's palate. Notably, the entire menu adhered to the Farm-to-Fork concept, featuring the use of the freshest farm-sourced ingredients. He further mentioned, "We also included a portion of Kataifi prawns because they saw it in our menu and were drawn to its image. Upon their request, we served this dish, and it received praises from the Italian PM, who expressed her satisfaction after the dinner.   

Bhargav also mentioned that, “it was not just the meal, she enjoyed our desserts too. We served our signature toffee pudding, which she relished for its caramel flavor, paired with vanilla ice cream. Additionally, we offered our choux bun filled with water chestnut mousse. These desserts were served in small portions to allow her to savor the variety. Overall, they had a wonderful dining experience, and it was a pleasure to serve them.”   

Further, Samrat mentioned that, “she continuously praised the food. She shared something quite touching, expressing her desire to visit Vietnam for its food, as it's one of her absolute favorites. She mentioned trying Vietnamese cuisine at a restaurant in Rome and had been contemplating a food-focused trip there. Dining at CHÔ brought her closest to fulfilling that dream, and she expressed deep gratitude for the experience.”  

He also shared that Giorgia specifically requested a simple, homely, and comfortable meal without any extravagance or frills. She preferred Indian-made wines and beers over fancy options. Samrat also adds that he admired her down-to-earth and maternal nature. Her seven-year-old daughter accompanied her but only had a bit of rice, likely feeling tired. Giorgia made a cozy resting place by joining two sofas for her daughter and lovingly checked on her, singing Italian lullabies and engaging in sweet conversation. Overall, it was an immensely gratifying experience for us, and our entire team was thrilled to provide this warm and welcoming service.   

Image: The verandah where she was seated

CHÔ, a restaurant and bar, is a perfect place to hang out with friends or have parties. It's located in a 160-year-old building with a view of the famous Qutub Minar. The place is all about connecting with nature, with indoor areas leading to beautiful outdoor spaces. CHÔ brings nature closer to you in unique ways. Surrounded by tall trees seen through big arches, it's like a peaceful retreat without needing to travel to the Far East.