G20: Restaurateurs Share Impact On Delhi-Noida-Gurgaon Market

G20 has stirred and given a whole design and landscape of Delhi and with this International summit of 19 countries and the European Union, Bharat or India has become the talk of the world. With many restrictions on delivery and what’s open and what not, most restaurants in NCR see a ray of hope as a significant slice of eateries will be closed in Delhi. 

A recent report has suggested that while essential activities like postal and medical services will be allowed to function as usual in Delhi NCR, commercial activities—like e-commerce deliveries of food and groceries—will be completely prohibited. Having said that restaurants that are within the restricted zone of the New Delhi district will be temporarily shut down during the G20 summit. And Apart from these restricting zones all the other restaurants will be open so that you can enjoy your weekend.

HTSlurrp spoke with few if the industry heads and let’s see what they have to say

1- Zorawar Kalra, founder and managing director of Massive Restaurants says "Yes, we have seen a major increase in reservations in both are Noida and Gurgaon restaurants. This was to be expected and has happened even in the past when they were lockdowns or or even when the highway ban happened. And this is a normal course as people that love to enjoy their weekends at their favourite places will now come to the Gurgaon and Noida outlets of their favourite places. So, we are looking at a bumper weekend at all our outlets in the Noida and Gurgaon regions.

2- Sahil Sambhi Founder and Director of Yuvi Hospitality owns Molecule in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon says "We are Very positive about the weekend rush at Noida & Gurgaon outlets during the G20 weekend. We've planned events at our outlets in Gurgaon & Noida in anticipation of the rush due to curbs in Delhi. We already have advance bookings for Gurgaon and Noida both from the Delhi crowd, the numbers will certainly increase tomorrow. We are taking this as an opportunity to showcase to people that Noida and Gurgaon also have the same party vibes as Delhi.

3- Amit Bagga, Co-founder & CEO, Daryaganj Hospitality adds “Our Connaught Place outlet has been shut for the weekend, Our Aerocity outlet is open but not many guests are expected because of the high security in that area, Noida and Gurgaon are open but a lot of people are travelling for the weekend so less crowd is coming in.

This does affect our business and we do face inconvenience but at the same time, we feel proud that our country is going host the  G20 summit with the top leaders of the world. And for that reason, we are not complaining.”

4- Vikrant Batra, Co-founder, Cafe Delhi Heights says "During this G-20 summit weekend, Noida and Gurgaon's markets have truly shone as culinary havens. With heightened security and diversions in Delhi due to the event, Noida and Gurgaon have become the go-to destinations for food enthusiasts. These markets offer not only exceptional dining experiences but also the convenience of accessibility, making them the preferred choice for those seeking a taste of excellence without the hustle and bustle of Delhi."

5- Mr. Akash Kalra, Founder and Director of United Coffee House Rewind which has outlets in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon says that the crowd will surely be shifting to Noida and Gurgaon. Though apart from some of the NDMC roads, I don’t foresee many traffic restrictions in south Delhi, but with traffic restrictions in place- we are surely witnessing prior reservations of the tables on Noida, Gurgaon. I am seeing the positive side of this, as G20 meet is Definitely elevating the Delhi as prime hub internationally, and for us- it is happy zone as customers are moving to noida and Gurgaon which also gives us chance to showcase our NCR properties.