FSSAI Shares Millet-Based Sorghum Soup Recipe For Winter
Image Credit: Freepik

When it comes to winter season, everyone knows it is all about making the most delicious, hearty soups and stews that include plenty of seasonal ingredients. Keeping this, and the fact that 2023 is the International Year of Millets as per the United Nations, the Food Safety And Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has now released the recipe for a simple yet heartwarming millet-based soup that is perfect for your winter indulgence. Mildly spiced, warm, cosy and loaded with the goodness of Indian millets, this one is a must-have soup. 

Simply called a Sorghum Soup, the FSSAI’s soup recommendation for this winter is made with sorghum, which is more commonly known as jowar across India. The FSSAI’s post on Instagram reveals that this soup makes for a “hearty bowl” which is perfect for a chilly winter day thanks to its warmth and flavours. The FSSAI then goes on to not only elaborate on the ingredients used for this simple soup but also shares how high in nutrition the dish is. 

Video Credit: YouTube/Health Simplified

According to the FSSAI, this Sorghum Soup has 140 calories, which makes it a very high-energy dish. Further, the dish is packed with four grams of protein, 29 grams of carbohydrates and 0.4 grams of fat. So, whether you are somebody who is watching their weight or someone who is trying to eat a healthy, plant-based diet, this recipe is perfect for all. What’s more, if you add plenty of seasonal green vegetables to this recipe like spinach, carrots, etc, the flavour and nutrition of the dish will naturally increase. 

Now, when it comes to the recipe for Sorghum Soup, the first thing you need to know is that you will require the whole grain. In many parts of India, like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and even Goa, jowar is consumed in the form of rotis and bhakris—so it is likely that you may have jowar flour at home. But for this soup, the FSSAI recommends the whole jowar or sorghum grain, which is more nutritious and has a bite to it when cooked.  

Once you get sorghum whole grains, you have to wash and rinse the grains thoroughly and repeatedly. Then you simply need to boil the sorghum grains with the vegetables, a bouquet of herbs, vegetable stock and a seasoning of salt and pepper. Once the grains and vegetables are cooked, the FSSAI recommends that you serve this protein-packed and warm soup with a dash of fresh cream on top. Sounds like the perfect bowl of soup for winters, right?