FSSAI Reports MDH And Everest Samples Do Not Have Ethylene Oxide
Image Credit: Google Images

The popular Indian spice brands MDH and Everest were under speculation about the presence of carcinogenic ingredients. Since spices are the major and non-compromisable ingredients in every dish, it is important that the packed spice mixes are clear of any adulteration and are safe to consume on a daily basis.

After the food regulatory bodies of Hong Kong and Singapore suspected the presence of ethylene oxide in the spice mixes of MDH and Everest, they put a ban on the sale and supply of the brands. The serious concerns brought global attention, and Indian authorities sent spice samples for testing. Read on to know the results.

Are MDH And Everest Masalas Safe?

In early April 2024, the food regulatory body of Hong Kong, CFS (Centre for Food Safety), reported that the Madras Curry Powder and Sambhar Masalasold by MDH and the Fish Curry Masala by the brand Everest have a cancer-causing substance.

Their reports suggested that the masalas have carcinogenic ethylene oxide, which is used as a pesticide. Thus, their sale was banned in Hong Kong and Singapore. Following the footsteps of Singapore and Hong Kong, Nepal recently banned MDH and Everest masala and has put a halt on the import of these spices. 

The long debacle ended after FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) confirmed that no traces of ethylene oxide were present in MDH and Everest spice mixes. As per the reports, FSSAI collected 34 samples of the spices, which included 25 MDH samples and 9 Everest samples from different states of the country. The reports also state that more than 300 other spice samples were collected for testing, 

Reportedly, all the collected samples were tested for pesticides, moisture content, harmful chemicals, rodent contamination, heavy metals, etc, but no sample indicated the presence of cancerous ethylene oxide. While the body has received a positive report from 28 laboratories and is awaiting six more, FSSAI has declared that the Indian spices are safe for consumption.