Fruits That Should Be Kept Away From The Refrigerator
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In present times, the fridge has become a basic necessity for every household, as it saves your fruits and vegetables from getting spoiled. Whatever the season, the refrigerator always keeps food safe and fresh for an extended period. But, do you know that some fruits should never be stored in the fridge? Yes, they become poisonous if kept in the refrigerator for a long time. Today, we'll tell you about such fruits that become inedible once kept in the fridge.


Many times, people keep apples inside their fridge. However, it should be avoided. Because the amount of active enzymes in apples is high, other fruits in the refrigerator can be affected. People even keep apples in the deep freezer, which is wrong. In this case, wrap the apple in some paper, or keep it in a cool place other than the fridge.

Citrus Fruits

You must be aware that oranges and lemons are sour because of the high amount of citric acid in them. Thus, these citrus fruits cannot tolerate the extreme cold temperature inside the fridge and slowly start drying up. In addition, citric acid can also spoil any other fruit and food. Therefore, do not forget to store such fruits in the refrigerator.


Often, many people buy bananas from the market and keep them directly inside the fridge. But do you know it turns them black? The ethylene gas in bananas can also damage other ingredients kept in the refrigerator. However, you can wrap the banana well in some plastic and keep it safe and fresh for a long time.


Many people buy litchi in bulk and stuff them inside the fridge, which should not be done. It is seen that the upper part of the litchi remains fresh, but the inner part gets stale. Therefore, to avoid this, you should fill water in a vessel and keep litchi in that water.

Apart from these, mangoes, avocado and grapes, etc., also should not be kept in the fridge for a long time.