From The Streets Of Meghalaya: 5 Street Foods You Must Try On Your Next Visit
Image Credit: Source: Soniya's Homemade Thali Showcase/Facebook

The North-Eastern states of India have kept the world gobsmacked with their scenic beauty. The lush green landscapes are enough to leave any nature lover dumbfounded. However, only the people who have visited these states know the vast array of culinary delights that they possess. With the assortment of some exotic ingredients, the North-Eastern cuisines are something foodies should definitely try at least once in their lives. Keeping the other states for another time, let’s talk about ‘The Abode Of Clouds’- Meghalaya today. The home to three tribes, Meghalaya is an amalgam of three tribal cuisines. The authentic dishes of Meghalaya are mainly rice and meat-based that are enough to gratify one’s palate. The Garo, Khasi and Jaintia tribes depend mainly on the local produce to make their food. This gives the cuisine a more authentic touch. As we have already talked about the popular foods of Khasi cuisine earlier (hyperlink), today we’ll take you on a ride to the streets of Meghalaya. Below are five delicious foods you need to try when exploring the streets of Meghalaya. 

1. Nakham Bitchi

Nakham Bitchi is a Meghalayan soup that has a thicker consistency than regular soups. Made with fish- both fried and boiled, the soup is perfect to prepare your palate for the main course. Boiled fish is responsible for the texture of the soup while chillies and pepper give the soup exotic flavours. 

2. Tungrymbai 

Made with fermented soybeans, Tungrymbai is one of the widely consumed foods in Meghalaya. Boiled and diced pork, black sesame, onion, ginger and some authentic spices are added to the dish which is then sauteed before serving. 

3. Minil Songa 

A typical Garo dish, Minil Songa is made by cooking rice inside fresh bamboo. The gooey and nutritious dish is popularly savoured in various parts of Meghalaya. 

4. Pudoh 

A rice-based dish, Pudoh is perfect for foodies who love experimenting with food. The rice is powdered and then cooked with pork chunks and flavoured with local herbs and spices. 

5. Sakin Gata 

As always, we end good things on a sweet note. And there can’t be anything better than Sakin Gata to end this article on a sweet note. It is basically a rice cake made with white rice and sesame rice. The dish is equally rustic, delicious and aromatic. 

So, these are some of the best street foods of Meghalaya that you need to get your hands on your next trip to the state. Bookmark this guide to have a delightful trip.