From Rice Balls To Murukku: 7 Instant South Indian Snacks
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South Indian delicacies are loved by many across the world. The beauty of South Indian cuisine comes from the playful use of spices and condiments which brings warmth to every recipe. But when it comes to enjoying South Indian snacks, many might think it's limited to idli and dosa. On the contrary, South Indian snack combinations stretch far beyond these popular treats.

In addition to being extremely flavourful, South Indian snacks have an unmatched satisfaction in every bite which makes it irresistible. With just a handful of ingredients, you can make some delicious and crispy snacks whenever you want.

Also, making these snacks is far easier than you think. All you need to master is the balance of flavours and texture, which you can easily achieve by following guidelines. From crispy balls to crunchy sev, try these delicious and easy recipes today.

7 Instant South Indian Snacks To Delight You Anytime

1) Rice Flour Balls

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These delicious balls take just five minutes to make. All you need to do is take curd, rice flour and all-purpose flour in a bowl and mix it with chopped green chilli, minced ginger, cumin, asafoetida, salt, sugar, soda water, coriander and curry leaves. Blend to a thick paste, dip a small portion in hot oil and fry until golden brown.

2) Idli Stir Fry

Plain idli requires sambhar to eat, but when you make a quick stir fry with spices, idli tastes incredible on its own. You can make idlis quickly with rice flour and rava batter without fermentation. After the idlis are done, break it into pieces and stir fry in hot oil with chopped onions, tomato, chillies, curry leaves, spices and salt.

3) Rice Flour Chilla

Wholesome pancakes made with rice flour, veggies and seasonings are extremely easy to cook. All you need to do is make a quick batter with rice flour and add chopped vegetables like onions, cucumber, tomato, carrots, bell pepper, chillies and everything you like. Season it with salt and spices and spread it on a hot pan with some oil to make pancakes.

4) No-Soak Dal Vada

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Yes, dal vada can be made without soaking lentils. Start by grinding fried gram with ginger to a coarse powder. Add carrot, onion, chillies, cumin, coriander, curry leaves, salt and pepper. Make a thick mixture and add water as required. Now create small tikkis with this mix and deep fry or air fry until crisp.

5) Rice Flour Murukku

Rice flour murukku is an instant version of traditional murukku. This recipe combines rice flour with urad dal flour along with sesame, ajwain and asafoetida. Then butter and salt are added to create a moist flour mix. After that coconut milk goes in, creating a smooth batter. This battery is then converted to murukkus and deep-fried until golden.

6) Instant Omapodi or Sev

The South Indian version of sev is different from other sev in India. Its star ingredient is tomato puree which adds a delightful tang. Start by mixing gram flour with rice flour and add some spices and seasonings. Sieve the mixture and add butter and ajwain then knead a soft dough. Make thin sev with this dough and enjoy.

7) South Indian Bonda

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Aloo bonda is a popular street food in many states of India, and this South Indian version is different with its warming flavour. Adding regional ingredients like coconut and curry leaves, this bonda gets a unique flavour profile that tastes utterly delicious.

After exploring these delicious South Indian snacks, it is time for you to make them at home when you want something delicious quickly. Try these snacks today and immerse yourself in flavours.