From Pizzas To Croissants, Know What Ananya Panday Ate In Milan
Image Credit: Instagram: @ananyapanday

Ananya Panday, debuting in Student Of The Year 2, has come a long way in the Hindi Film industry. Recently, after starring in movies like Kho Gae Hum Kaha and Dream Girl 2, the actress has been travelling to Italy and has recently shared some of her best moments on Instagram.

Ananya Panday’s love for pizza is no news. On so many occasions, the Bollywood actor has posted her enjoying the cheesy Italian delicacy on her Instagram handle innumerable times. But where could you find a better cheese pull than in Italy? Now that Ananya Panday was holidaying in Italy, she gave her fans glimpses of what she ate and what she wore, some of the most gorgeous looking flowers, and just the celebrity being her cute self.

In a recent Instagram post shared by Ananya Panday, she shared pictures of her travel dairies in Milan, Italy. Captioned as, “I love the vatavaran of Milan”, with the first picture of her relishing an utterly cheesy pizza, there is no doubt that she is a true foodie. Not only that, but in the same post, she also shared a picture of another pizza that is even more drool-worthy than the first one.

Apart from pizzas, Ananya Panday also shared pictures of the famous baked delicacy croissant. The perfectly baked French croissant must taste just as fulfilling as its layers look. The croissant is accompanied by a hot cup of cappuccino that has just the perfect foamy heart on the top. Posing with a croissant in one hand and the cup of coffee in the other, just shows the contentment she has when surrounded with good food.