Panjiri To Amritsari Kulcha, Top 10 Punjabi Recipes For Baisakhi
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Baisakhi is a celebration that conjures visual images of Punjab and the state's rich natural resources. This period reminds us of the state's long-standing reputation as a source of plentiful produce and sumptuous meals. The Punjab region is named for the five rivers that run through it: the Beas, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, and Sutlej. One of the greenest regions of the nation, this area has earned the nickname "the breadbasket of India" thanks to the five rivers that flow into it. Wheat and rice are the most common crops in the area because of the abundance of excellent alluvial soils. The region is well-known for its plentiful supplies of wheat and rice, as well as milk and dairy products. Include at least some of these 10 traditional Punjabi dishes in this year's Baisakhi celebrations.

Sarso ka Saag

This meal, made with sarso saag or mustard greens, is often associated with the Punjab region of India. This vegetarian Punjabi dish is among the oldest and most well-liked in the vegetarian canon. It is traditionally made in desi ghee and served with makki ki roti in Punjab.

Makki Roti

The Punjab region of India is known for its delicious makki di roti flatbread. The name of this famous cornmeal loaf comes from the Punjabi word for maize, which is makki. When served with sarso ka saag, the flat unleavened bread known as makki ki roti is at its finest. The use of ajwain alleviates dyspepsia caused by the heaviness of maize flour.

Paneer Tikka

In Punjabi cuisine, the paneer tikka, sometimes known as "vegetarian chicken," is in a category all its own. This savoury soft cottage cheese snack that has been chargrilled is the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks about vegetarian appetizers. 

Dal Makhani

Dal makhani, a delicious buttery Punjabi lentil dish, is a rich blend of black lentils and red kidney beans. To make the dish more decadent, it is served in a rich sauce and topped with generous helpings of malai or cream. It's a regal feast laden with the finest butter.

Tandoori Chicken 

Tandoori chicken, Image Source: Freepik

Thanks to the yoghurt, the chicken is so delicate that it melts in your mouth. Once the chicken has been skewered and brushed with mustard oil, it is cooked evenly in the tandoor, where the smokey, delicious flavour is infused into the flesh. This dish is versatile and adaptable as an appetizer. When made as chicken tikka it can double as a main dish with a gravy-based curry. Naan, kulcha, and paratha are all suitable accompaniments.

Amritsari Fish Tikka

The Amritsari fish tikka is a renowned street meal that takes its name from the city where it was first served. Punjab, as a state, benefits from its position because of the amount of freshwater fish in the region. To get the dish's intended flavour, it is best prepared with Singhara or sole fish rather than saltwater fish. The standard ingredients list includes freshwater fish, ginger, garlic, ajwain, red chilli powder, fenugreek, garam masala, amchur mango powder, curd, lemon juice, salt, gram flour, turmeric, and oil.

Maa ki Dal

Whole black grams are used to create maa ki dal, also known as kali dal. Lentils are limited to black dal, kali urad dal, or whole urad dal alone. This recipe for black gram dal can be prepared in various ways. It's adaptable to your preferred level of heat. As no additional dairy or fat is used, the meal is neither too rich nor greasy.  Despite its widespread availability, the best form of this gorgeous and renowned meal can only be obtained within Punjab.


Among all the Punjabi sweets, Panjiri is the most traditional. It's the perfect warm-up snack for the cold season. To make it, you'll need butter, sugar, cardamom, and roasted almonds coated in flour. You may want to pass on this if you're trying to watch your weight and keep to your diet.

Punjabi Lassi

Punjabi lassi, Image Source: Freepik

Punjab is home to a renowned beverage known as lassi. Yoghurt serves as the basis for this milkshake, which is flavoured with various sweet ingredients, including cardamom, almonds, dried fruit, and even fruit pulp. When the whey has been removed, the yoghurt is churned until it reaches the desired consistency and natural thickness.


Rajma curry is a vegetarian meal that has its roots in India. It is also known as rāzmā, rajmah, and lal lobia. Red kidney beans are the main ingredient in this dish, often served over rice and flavoured with a variety of Indian whole spices. Onions and tomatoes form the foundation of this dish, which is then seasoned with whole spices, garam masala, and chillies. The dish's characteristic taste comes from kasuri methi, also known as fenugreek leaves.

Pindi Chole

Pindi chole is another name for Punjabi chole masala. This is because of the dish's prominence in the Rawalpindi region of Pakistan. This dish is a year-round mainstay in Punjabi cuisine, often serving as the basis for all three daily meals.

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari kulcha is the best way to begin the day since it is warm, crispy and flaky on the exterior and delicate on the inside. Onions, chillies, coriander, and ghee all find a home in these kulchas. They taste best when served fresh from the tandoor, topped with butter, and moderately spiced white chickpeas cooked in a delicious onion-based stew. Several vendors set up shop on the streets of Amritsar early in the morning to begin selling the city's famous street food.