From Margaritas To Tea: 6 Drinks That Use Strawberries
Image Credit: Pixabay. Strawberries make attractive garnishes for many drinks and can also work as the main ingredient in some.

With their bright colour and unusual shape, strawberries are one of the most good-looking fruits. They make attractive garnishes for many drinks and can also work as the main ingredient in some. Whether it’s cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks, strawberries can enhance the flavour of a drink that otherwise seems dull. Puree them or muddle them, and stir them in or shake them with your choice of alcohol. They may also be used to add a fruity kick to smoothies and teas. We recommend some drinks that use strawberries for you to try:

Strawberry smoothie

A strawberry smoothie can be made with different bases like almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, other plant based milks or yogurt. Add banana to your smoothie to give it sweetness and a richer texture. Other berries like raspberries and blueberries may also be added. Garnish your smoothie with fresh strawberries or mint leaves. 

Strawberry mojito

Mojito flavours may be varied, but mint remains a constant or the drink wouldn’t be called a mojito. To make a strawberry mojito, muddle some strawberries, lime, mint leaves and sugar. Add lots of ice, some rum and sparkling water. Enjoy the refreshing cocktail with some more fresh strawberries. 

Strawberry margarita

There’s nothing better than a frozen margarita when the sun is shining and you’re sitting by a pool. Strawberry margaritas are sweeter than classic ones, and have the goodness of the berry. Their attractive pink colour is the reason they’re all over Instagram, with the hashtag #strawberrymargarita having over 1,31,000 posts. 

Image credit: Instagram/glutenfreebasicb


Strawberry daiquiri

Daiquiris use plenty of white rum, ice and simple syrup. Strawberry daiquiris are those bright pink cocktails in fancy glasses you see on TV shows. To make a strawberry daiquiri, use frozen strawberries for a slushy-like texture and blend them with rum and sugar syrup. It’s a sweet, fruity cocktail that makes a good accompaniment to snacks.

Strawberry bellini

Bellinis are the ideal brunch drink, especially for a brunch that’s going to be displayed on Instagram. While mimosas use champagne and orange juice, bellinis use prosecco and peach puree. For a strawberry bellini, the peach puree is replaced with strawberry puree. Don’t forget to garnish the prosecco flute with a fresh strawberry.

Strawberry tea

A lot of supermarkets sell dried strawberries. These are made by thinly slicing strawberries and then drying them in the sun. Brew dried strawberries in hot water to make fragrant strawberry tea. Readymade strawberry tea blends like green tea with strawberry and oolong with strawberry flavouring are also available.