From Idli To Sambhar: Here's Karisma Kapoor’s South Indian Fare
Image Credit: Karisma Kapoor/Instagram, She loves a nice South Indian spread

To maintain one’s health and fitness, there are plenty of workouts and diet regimes that celebrities follow. But for Karisma Kapoor, the mantra is to eat everything and still stay fit. Balancing her foodie habits with her exercise, the actress has managed to maintain a great body and glowing skin even today. This is all thanks to the food that keeps her happy. While she’s a big foodie at heart, her love for South Indian cuisine is quite evident in her recent indulgence. 

The veteran actress recently shared a picture of her meal and it left us drooling. The table was laden with idlis of various kinds, along with a huge bowl of sambhar and three different kinds of chutneys. While the idlis were the usual rice variety and black idlis which we’re assuming were made of ragi, the chutneys consisted of coconut, tomato and green chillies. Then, of course, there was a piping hot sambhar in the front of the frame. 

Idli Sambhar

The actress tried to tempt her followers by asking, “Idli anyone?” with a Yes and No response. We doubt anyone would say no to such a lip-smacking spread. This isn’t the first time that the actress has shared her love for South Indian food. Earlier last year, she was seen having a similar meal for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Idlis, for the unversed, are steamed rice cakes that are a staple breakfast in many parts of India today. 

Served along with a variety of condiments like coconut chutney and sambhar, this classic combination seems to top Karisma’s list of favourite foods. Not just this, the 48-year-old actress also likes to indulge in a variety of other regional cuisines like the North Indian food. Being a true Punjabi at heart, she cannot resist the sight of aloo parathas for very long. Similarly, her hardcore non-vegetarian side doesn’t let her skip a hearty plate of biryani either. 

In fact, after returning from her long vacation, the Kapoors got together for a family lunch and Karisma ended up having her favourite mutton biryani on her plate. While these delicious treats feature on her menu from time to time, she prefers home-cooked food on a regular basis that helps to fill her appetite in a healthy way and keep her fit and active.