From Churros To Lattes: The 5 Best Gulab Jamun Fusions Of 2023

Love it or hate it, you can’t put an end to gulab jamun fusions. Be it street food sellers, home chefs or fine diners, you’ll encounter a twist on gulab jamun at almost every neighbourhood corner. So, if you’re used to cringing at bad or sloppy viral moments featuring a gulab jamun, maybe you’ve been looking away from the really good ones too. 

Remember the gulam jamun Old Monk flame video that went viral last year and inspired people to try boozy gulab jamun at home? Or the popular Gulab Nut fusion dessert from a popular Mumbai restaurant, which is filled with boozy pistachio ice cream and is a cult dessert by now. These examples prove that successcul gulab jamun fusions are totally possible. 

The spongy, syrup-dipped dessert has a soft interior and an interesting outer crumb which makes it so versatile as an ingredient in fusion desserts. It doesn’t just add more texture but also enhances the mouthfeel with its soft cheese-like consistency. So, if you’re in the mood for some meetah, here’s a recap of some of the most interesting gulab jamun fusion outings of 2023:

Gulab Jamun Bun 

You’d think gulab jamun between two pieces of bun doesn’t make sense but Kasauli’s bun gulab jamun is a big crowd-pleaser. The trend first found populairty when a food influencer shared a video of a Kasauli street food seller making the Bun Gulab Jamun by splitting a gulab jamun into two, layering it between two slices of buns and then frying the bun on a tawa. 

The food trend was picked up by food sellers across India, in cities like Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi. And while the premise may seem off, there’s no denying that the soft, chewy gulab jamun between two pieces of crispy bun would be a delicious fusion. 

Gulab Jamun Churros 

Bombay Sweet Shop which is famed for its fusion numbers introduced the Gulab Jamun churros earlier this year which is served alongside chocolate sauce and you can also pair it with a side of soft serve. The churroshave the regular doughy consistency of churros but they’re made with mawa. These gulab jamun flavoured churros are crispy on the outside and come with a sea salt sprinkle. 

Gulab Jamun Falooda 

Several dessert stores and parlours across the country have used gulab jamun to make fusion desserts, be it sundaes or cheesecakes. Popular dessert destination Fruit Bae introduced the gulab jamun falooda a few months ago and several other dessert brands like Baski Robbins also revived the gulab jamun sundae trend. 

The reason gulab jamun works so well with layered desserts is because it can add both chewiness and sponginess to a dessert. Not to mention it freezes well which makes it perfect to be used in frozen desserts 

Gulab Jamun Latte

New York’s Kolkata Chai Co, owned by Ani and Ayan Sanyal just introduced a Gulab Jamun latte, mde with naturally flavoured gulab jamun syrup. “Meet the new drink on the block: the gulab jamun latte. Gulab jamun is a sweet dessert made with saffron and khoa that we turned into a latte — get it iced or hot, we love to see it all. Permanently on our menu for the winter,” a video shared on the brand’s social media said. 

Gulab Jamun Donuts 

Move over gulab jamun cheesecake and sample gulab jamun donuts. Ahmedabad’s Gwalia Sweets introduced a curated gulab jamun donut which featured mini donut-shaped gula jamun topped with a creamy glaze and some nuts. You can even try this at home; simply make donut shaped gulab jamun with a hole in the middle, and top them with ice cream, honey, maple syrup or some white chocolate