From Blue Rice To Tsunami Cake: 6 ‘Gram Worthy Food Trends That Rocked The Internet In 2021
Image Credit: Image credit: Instagram @cateringbyerin and @eatwithvido_007

The internet was a fascinating place in the year gone by. From helping friends and strangers with verified leads on Covid beds, plasma donors, and oxygen cylinders, to finally stepping out of the house and documenting every moment of this newfound ‘hope and normalcy’, we indeed witnessed a gamut this year. When we were not panicking about the new variant, we spent a lot of time recreating viral food trends in our kitchen, while some shocked us beyond words (how appalling is Ferrero Rocher Manchurian?!), some impressed us to the core for its aesthetics. These were food trends we wanted to crack because we had to flaunt it on our Instagram.  

Here are some of the cutest food trends that made the year memorable for us in their own sweet way.  

Nature’s Cereal

No oats or bran or any cereal of any kind made it to this pretty ‘cereal’ that ruled our summer this year. All you needed to make this was a jar of cool coconut water and dunk in your favourite, chopped, chunky fruits such as berries, watermelons, pineapple and you were good to go.  


Charcuterie was reimagined as Jarcuterie created rippled this year. Everything you envision on a Charcuterie board, right from cheese, crackers, olives, salami, all neatly fitted into small mason jars, was not only pretty but also COVID- appropriate. Everyone around would get their own jar to relish.  

Tsunami Cake

The Tsunami cake or the pull-me-up cakes redefined birthday cakes this year. Who are we kidding, these majestic cakes were everywhere, anniversaries, farewell parties, grad parties, you name it. These were cakes that came inside a thin film or a collar. Upon pulling up the collar, the liquid-y frosting would cascade all over the cake from the sides, making for a wonderful vision.  

Blue Rice

Coral blue coloured rice raided our internet this year and we do not regret anything about it. Blue rice, was not a new variant of rice that suddenly became a craze. Regular white rice was boiled with handful of butterfly pea flower, the flower would impart a rich blue colour to the rice that made our jaws drop, without fail.

Pesto Eggs

Fried egg, bursting with hints of fresh, green pesto made for both an eye-appealing and delicious treat to make waves this year. All you needed to do was heat a skillet on medium flame, spread the pesto in a thin layer, and crack an egg on top. Your gram’ worthy Pesto eggs are ready. Are you drooling or are you drooling?

If a food trend prompts a shortage of something, you know the trend is worth trying. After the Feta Pasta trend got viral, groceries around the world started reporting a shortage of feta cheese. The trend required you to keep a whole block of feta on top of boiled pasta. This was followed by the addition of cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs and a drizzle of olive oil. The pasta would then be baked, and with the help of fork the cheese would be mixed with the pasta and other ingredients afterwards. Too cheesy, too good.