Hunger Pangs: The One Where We Don't Share, But We Make
Image Credit: F.R.I.E.N.D.S. iconic food moments

Recently our favourite sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, got together for one last time for an unscripted special episode titled Friends: The Reunion, which was recently aired on May 27th. And by this time, we all know about the F.R.I.E.N.D.S and how iconic that show was; we honestly never wanted it to end. Watching six friends living in New York and spending their time together continues to be one of the greatest, internationally-acclaimed series of all times. From their iconic orange sofa at Central Perk to the fountain in the opening credits will always be the highlight of the show, but a less definable, equally memorable aspect of Friends was its food, and with Monica being a chef by profession, there was always some references to food within the show.

Then let’s try those iconic dishes as well, which made us gag throughout its 10-season run.

The one with Joey’s Meatball Sub

The one thing we all know about the show is that ‘Joey doesn’t share food’. So why not make our sub. To recreate Joey's sandwich, we need to make bread rolls and slice it in half, then place the meatballs on the flat half of the roll topping it with marinara sauce with as much mozzarella cheese as you want. Then microwave it for 30 seconds.

The one with Monica’s Jam splurge

Cause it was the only way to get over a break-up. She made us believe that jam can be made from anything. So, let’s try it with the “King of fruits”-mango. You have to combine the mango pulp, sugar and lime juice and then stir it for a couple of minutes until it becomes gooey. And that’s it-enjoy it with some crackers.

The one with Phoebe’s Hummus

In the episode “Where No One's Ready”,- Phoebe was supposedly attacked by the infamous hummus, the only friend who got ready (btw). So, let’s check out this notorious dish-this simple dip made from chickpea paste blended with garlic, cumin and salt with a slight drizzle of olive oil and lime juice that adds zing to this dip.

The one with Cheese

No, we aren't talking about the delicious Mrs Braverman's cheesecake but the imaginary married life of Joey and Monica where the entire table was loaded with dishes made with cheese. And we are here for it. So, let’s make our cheese ball- this easy recipe requires boiled mash potatoes, gram flour(besan) and cheese which is then kneaded into small balls and then deep-fried.

Live out your Friend's fantasy with these iconic recipes.