Fresh Mango Cocktails To Kickstart Summer

Summer is almost here and so is the season of mangoes. Mangoes are known as king of fruits for a reason. Not just are mangoes irresistibly delicious but they are loaded with several minerals and vitamins like vitamin C. Mangoes are fruits people love the most. Mangoes are juicy and delicious and there is hardly anyone on this planet who can say no to a slice of mango.  

Well mango eating experience is already the best, but you can take this experience a notch higher. With some tempting and refreshing mango cocktails. Yes, you can convert some of your favourite cocktails into the mangolicious treats and kickstart the summer season. These cocktails have your favourite whiskey, rum and vodka and taste amazing!!! Wanna know about these cocktails? Here you go! 

Mango Gin Fizz 

Just like mango is your favourite summer fruit, this cocktail can become your favourite summer cocktail. This soothing drink has mango, ginger, lime and soda water which brings the fizz. This bright coloured cocktail will be perfect for beach parties and will add colours to your life. 

Mango Margarita 

Margaritas have quite a huge fanbase and now, this beloved cocktail has evolved into a mangolicious avatar. This cocktail is perfect for summer and just needs some mangoes, orange liqueur and everybody’s favourite tequila. All you need to do is top the rim with a mixture of sugar, salt and chili powder, pour the cocktail and garnish with lemon slice. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Mango Rum Punch 

Well, we all know how amazing the combination of rum and mango would taste like. This bright coloured cocktail is soothing, relaxing and tempting. This summer cocktail needs fresh orange slices, mango puree, fresh mint leaves and dark rum. Perfect for brunches, this is one such cocktail that you must try. 

Mango Daiquiri 

We cannot disagree that rum just doesn’t give the summer vibes. But there is a way to enjoy your favourite white rum. It is the mango daiquiri. Yiu just need ripe mango, lime juice, white rime and sugar syrup to make this amazing cocktail. When garnished with a slice of mango. This cocktail can show you a really good time.  

Mango Whiskey Smash 

Whiskey smash is a famous cocktail, and this version has the soothing taste of fresh mangoes. This bittersweet cocktail is easy to make and perfect for your evening parties. You can add mint leaves and cardamom bitter to balance out the sweetness. Don’t forget to try this cocktail this summer. 

Try these cocktails and make your summer worth remembering! Thank us later!