Four Strong Liquors That Should Never Make It To Your Glass
Image Credit: Photo Credit: Pixabay

Are you looking to have a chill weekend with a nice glass of chardonnay? Or a raging party with cups of beer and tequila? While it might take a few glasses of these to make you drowsy and unconscious, there are liquors around the world that could actually knock you out in just one sip. Absolute from the vodka family and Macallan from the whisky/scotch family is thought of as containing high quantities of alcohol but they in fact only hover around the 80 per cent mark. Read on to find out the bottles of alcohol that you should just stay away from. 

Spirytus Vodka

Originating from Poland, this is one scary alcohol bottle with an ABV of 96%. You can’t even legally buy this in many countries around the world. But the makers of the bottle and liquor enthusiasts will tell you that it is some of the finest and smoothest liquor on the market.

Everclear 190

Made in the US, Everclear 190 is 95% alcohol. But lower ABV versions are also sold for mass consumption at 60%, 75.5%, and 94.5%. The liquor in many states of the country is banned and is cast as dangerous since grocery store rubbing alcohol (for wounds) has 91% alcohol content. 

Golden Grain 190

The Golden Grain 190 has a cult level following. It is the strongest whiskey that you can buy legally. Of all the high ABV liqueurs, this one is the least expensive. And a bottle of Golden Grain 190 will cost you fifty dollars in its home country of the United States. 

Hapsburg Absinthe X.C

On this list, absinthe makes a debut at an ABV of 89.9%. Originating from Italy, for many years Absinthe was banned because it contains a chemical called thujone. But now, absinthe wildly enjoyed around the world and a very strong version of it is also available on the shelves.