Janhvi Kapoor Prefers A Cheat Day To A Cheat Meal
Image Credit: Janhvi Kapoor/Instagram, The actor is a hard-core foodie.

Having given us amazing performances on-screen, especially in her recent OTT release, Mili, Janhvi Kapoor has managed to garner the love and support of so many fans across the country. In addition to that, she likes to keep them in the loop about what she's up to, which is why we see her posting her daily nibbles on her Instagram stories.

Do you know what's so interesting about the recent one, though? Well, Janhvi decided to give us a sneak peek into her post-song shoot diet, which was apparently her cheat day. While most of us would expect the actor to indulge in one or two unusual dishes while cheating on her diet, Janhvi believes in going all out when she's in the mood for food. That's exactly what happened here.

She posted a story of an elaborate spread consisting of Italian delicacies like pizza and pasta, along with garlic chicken and barbeque wings, and a lot of boxes that remained covered in the image. On this, she wrote, "Post-song shoot cheat day," and we couldn't take our eyes off it. However, just when we thought she was done for the day, we realised that she was still waiting to satiate her sweet tooth.

In the next Instagram story, we see tiramisu, Lotus biscoff cake, burnt Basque cheesecake with cherries, and a huge chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache. She captioned this saying, "Heaven," and we couldn't agree more. While this was supposed to be a cheat meal, when it's up to Janhvi to decide, she can literally order whatever she's craving.