With over 15 million followers on her Instagram, Malaika Arora is quite a sensation from Bollywood even today. The actor cum model is known for her groovy dance moves and her distinct fashion sense. Another thing that strikes the mind when we think of Malaika is her fitness. A health freak, Malaika does a variety of workouts, from hitting the gym to attending yoga sessions to keep herself in shape. Not only is she a fitness inspiration for a lot of us, she has even expressed her love for food time and again. When in Goa, she gorged on an authentic coastal meal with fish, prawns and other seafood delicacies. 

Another time, we saw her donning the chef hat herself as she made ragda pattice, a popular Mumbai street food, at home. Then there were time we drooled over her pizza party and sweet cravings but this time, it is a simple homely meal that struck a chord with us. Malaika Arora was busy shooting on set when her friend sent over bowls full of what looks like homemade food. Her friend, @mehakoberoi posted a video of Malaika eating and she reposted it on her Instagram handle. The spread looks amazing and Malaika doesn’t even look up at the camera as she is too busy eating. 

On her table, we see some curries and dry subzis. We’re guessing that one is shahi paneer while another bowl has dry jeera aloo. There’s a basket full of rotis, a huge pot filled with dal and a bowl of boiled rice on the other side of the table. Malaika, along with her friends, is enjoying the food and it is captioned saying, “Good Food is Good Mood” while thanking the people who sent the “yum food”. Here’s what we are talking about. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Malaika Arora 

Craving ghar ka khaana? Here are some basic and simple recipes that can be easily replicated at home. 

1.  Shahi Paneer 

All the paneer fans out there, you must try this recipe at home. Creamy and rich, the thick and flavourful curry is filled with cubes of paneer and served with roti or rice. A drizzle of cream on top and some coriander leaves are enough to garnish the shahi paneer dish. 

2.  Jeera Aloo 

A quick and easy dish that can be ready in minutes, jeera aloo is all about making a quick aloo dish. Potatoes are diced into small chunks and tossed in a pot full of oil and jeera. Turmeric, salt and red chilli powder are added and the potatoes are covered in it. It gives the aloo a yellowish and orangish tint. 

3.  Moong Masoor Dal 

This lentil is quite common in North Indian cuisine. Moong and masoor dal are mixed together and boiled. It is the tadka which adds a hot flavour to the dal. Consisting of jeera, hing, red chilli powder and oil, the dal is tempered with this mix and served hot with a garnish of chopped coriander leaves. You can pair the dal with rice or chapatti.