5 Food Items To Avoid In The Rainy Season
Image Credit: Food Items To Avoid In Monsoon

We all love to gorge on street side golgappas in the rainy season. But is it healthy? Eating roadside golgappas during the monsoon season can be detrimental to health. Moreover, just avoiding golgappa isn't enough. Instead, the following foods should also be avoided in the monsoon. 

Stale food

Stale food should not be eaten during the rainy season. For example, if you store rice at night after cooking it in the morning, you might have to change this habit because the humidity becomes relatively high during the monsoon season. Due to which the process of fermentation in the food starts in 6 hours, whereas when the humidity increases during the rains, this process begins in 4 hours only. Therefore, eating stale or food cooked for a long time can be harmful to your health.

Fried and sour food

In the rainy season, we all crave fried snacks with hot tea. Therefore, this season, the sale of samosas and pakodas is very high, causing stomach pain, diarrhoea and acidity. Thus, in this season, control your cravings and avoid consuming street food. Foods like pickles, chutney, tamarind make you fall sick, causing water retention. In addition, sour foods can cause fever leading to throat problems.

Green leafy vegetables

Doctors recommend eating green vegetables to stay healthy. But do you know that green vegetables should be avoided during the rainy season? This is because the leaves of these green vegetables can contain insects that can harm us.


Are you fond of seafood? You might have to keep it at bay during the monsoon since even though the breeding of fish and prawns is high this season, it is unhealthy to consume. One must also avoid eating non-vegetarian dishes outside.

Fizzy beverages

Fizzy beverages can reduce the mineral in the body and make the digestive system weak. Instead of such drinks, one should go for jaljeera, nimbu pani, apple shake,  ginger tea or even orange smoothie.